Roman Standard Warzone: Perks and Loadout

Roman Standard Warzone: Revolutionary Guard units currently utilize an updated “Roman Standard” Legendary Weapon Blueprint that features white, purple and gold hues as well as depictions of lions staring down its barrel. When reaching Tier 100 of Season 3 Battle Pass you will gain access to this weapon which provides long-range play as well as mobile options thanks to its attachment setup.

Roman Standard Warzone: How to Get it Now

At Tier 100 of Season 3’s Battle Pass, players gain access to this firearm. Also included are many attachment configurations that enhance both ranged and mobile gameplay.

Roman Standard Warzone
Roman Standard Warzone

The Roman Standard is ideal in many respects as a traditional sniper rifle. It is a great complement to an assault rifle because of its vast range and versatility as a secondary weapon.

Its midway position allows it to block flanking players and take over extended sniping sightlines.

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Roman Standard Warzone: Loadout

  • Primary: Roman Standard
  • Secondary: Go Getter Assault Rifle Blueprint (unlocked at Tier 45 of the Season Three Battle Pass)
  • Perks: Forward Intel, Gung-Ho, Cold Blooded
  • Field Upgrade: Gas Mine
  • Equipment: C4, Decoy
  • Wildcard: Law Breaker

Roman Standard Warzone Weapon Blueprint Perks

Perks 1Forward Intel. If you intend on engaging in any sniping activities, having a larger field of view can only benefit. With its increased map size comes more comprehensive overview that allows players to better plot out their course of action and strategize effectively.
Perks 2Gung Ho is an invaluable Perk that allow players to chase down enemies without incurring damage from falling. Furthermore players can quickly switch weapon for improved protection from close quarters attacker.
Perks 3Cold Blooded. If players can keep a low profile as snipers, they won’t have to fear about being targeted by opponent AI-controlled Score streaks.


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