How to Get the Nakatomi Plaza Security warzone Blueprint

Plaza security warzone: Players of Call of Duty: Warzone who are looking for the famous blueprint of a new weapon should head to Nakatomi Plaza. Located smack dab in the heart of downtown, this skyscraper has almost 30 stories and a roof packed with explosives—enough to send a man hurtling through the air. To gain access to the Nakatomi Plaza security plan, one must first complete a required task in the area, after which a locked security deposit box within the vault will be unlocked.

Plaza security warzone

Find the safety deposit box inside the vault that accepts the Deal Gone Wrong keycard. By breaking into this safe, you will gain access to a contraband contract, the successful completion of which will grant you access to the Plaza Security Assault Rifle Blueprint.

Plaza Security warzone Blueprint Position of the Vault: How to findout?

After defeating the Brute, you can retrieve a Vault key from him and use it to get access to the vault on the 31st floor. To reach the 30th story, one must first return to the Nakatomi’s main level and then use the other elevator shaft. The vault is located in the far back of the building. You’ll need to use one of the nearby computer terminals to unlock the door to this vault. Before you enter the door, it’s a good idea to give the area a quick once over to make sure there aren’t any lurking adversaries waiting to pounce.

How to Get the Nakatomi Plaza Security Blueprint
Plaza security warzone

Methods for Closing a Transaction: Public Mishap-Failed Arms Deal

You must first finish the deal. You must attend a public event, often referred to as the Arms Deal, before you can earn the legendary blueprint. To defeat the boss, Brute, you must first defeat two waves of NPCs that arise for this event.

To kick off the festivities, meet at the Nakatomi Plaza Parking Garage. The lobby of the building is the place to go, followed by a leap down the elevator shaft. If you go to the very bottom of the parking garage, you should see a white vehicle with a yellow light on the back of it. Follow the illuminating sign and enter the truck, where you will find the desk. At the beginning of the event, you’ll face a group of 15 NPCs in the first wave. Once they’re dead, another wave will come in, and while the brutes will be your top priority, the NPCs may prove to be too much to handle. You should eliminate them before concentrating on the NPC.


Players of Call of Duty: Warzone who are looking for the famous blueprint of a new weapon should head to Nakatomi Plaza. It’s smack dab in the midst of the city, and it’s a skyscraper that tops out at almost 30 stories.

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