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How to Get the Nakatomi Plaza Security warzone Blueprint


Plaza security warzone: Call of Duty: Warzone players searching for weapon blueprints should visit Nakatomi Plaza. Nestled smack dab in downtown, this 30+ story tower houses numerous explosive devices which could send anyone flying off-screen! In order to gain entry, one must first complete an essential task within this location in order to access its security plan – upon which, an internal vault deposit box will open automatically and unlock.

Plaza security warzone

Find the safety deposit box inside the vault that accepts the Deal Gone Wrong keycard. By breaking into this safe, you will gain access to a contraband contract, the successful completion of which will grant you access to the Plaza Security Assault Rifle Blueprint.


Plaza Security warzone Blueprint Position of the Vault: How to findout?

Once you defeat Brute you can retrieve his Vault Key and use it to gain entry to the vault on the 31st Floor. To reach it from Nakatomi’s main level and via other elevator shaft, use one of nearby computer terminals to unlock this vault door from within building’s back-half; before entering this door make sure there aren’t any enemies ready to strike before proceeding inside!

How to Get the Nakatomi Plaza Security Blueprint
Plaza security warzone

Methods for Closing a Transaction: Public Mishap-Failed Arms Deal

Before you can claim the legendary blueprint, it is necessary to complete a deal. To do so, attend a public event known as Arms Deal and attend two waves of NPCs that appear during this event – in particular Brute himself must first be defeated before continuing.

Start off your celebrations at Nakatomi Plaza Parking Garage by gathering in its lobby, then taking an elevator shaft ride down. When you reach the bottom, look for a white vehicle with yellow lighting on its rear; follow its illuminated sign into its truck where you will find its desk. Initially, 15 NPCs will present themselves. When they are dead, another wave may arrive which requires you to prioritize brutes over NPCs – so when possible try and eliminate those before turning your attention solely towards them.



Players in Call of Duty: Warzone who wish to find an iconic blueprint of an entirely new weapon should head straight for Nakatomi Plaza situated right at the heart of their respective cities and featuring nearly 30 story skyscraper that house numerous businesses and services.

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