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Cheshire Park: A Modern Warfare Maps Guide (Call of Duty)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare provides players with access to Cheshire Park as part of the “Season Four: Reloaded” update on June 30, 2020. This medium-sized map was specifically created for 6v6 Standard Mode play.

Cheshire Park, situated at the center of London, England, boasts a lush garden and conservatory where operators battle against one another to move between door to door or through its central flower-filled space.

Townhouses provide an ideal vantage point, shops provide close-quarters combat opportunities, and side streets provide shortcuts. Anyone setting up shop in second-story windows, phone booths, front yards or scaffolding should be challenged if they dare set themselves up as potential threats.

Cheshire Park Map
Cheshire Park

Cheshire Park Map Hardpoint Rotations:

Each and every one of the Modern Warfare Map Cheshire Park’s Hardpoint Positions, along with their Rotations:

Cheshire Park Map
  • Corner Market
  • Cask & Dragon Pub
  • Row Houses
  • Fish & Chips Shop
  • Allegiance Spawn – Street (East)
  • Coalition Spawn – Street (West)

Corner Market

The Corner Market can be found near the end of Retail Row. From its first and second-level levels, there are numerous great vantage points along the length of Street that provide players with long-range weaponry an advantage in terms of visibility.


On the first floor of this building is a set of shelves accessible only after successfully breaching its defenses. Access can be gained via Retail Row through both main entrances – featuring both doors and windows – as well as through alleyway door located on its side of the structure.

Retail Row is often hidden by the Corner Market and serves its purpose well, providing explosive weapons can be employed either to eliminate foes or draw them out for further engagement – but keep this in mind when competing against other campers!

Cask & Dragon Pub

There are several entrances to the Cask and Dragon Pub from different parts of the map. In order to get to Retail Row or the side Conservatory entrance, Allegiance players frequently cut past the pub.


The Conservatory, Retail Row, and the Allegiance spawn location can all be hidden from view by closing the numerous windows in the main bar area. Snipers will find the patio area ideal, as it offers clear sightlines into Retail Row.

However, be aware that this location is highly disputed in the vast majority of games, so you should expect attackers to continually attempt to seize the position.

Row Houses

Row Houses is a corridor connecting the back door of Conservatory with Insurgent stronghold and Coalition breeding grounds. There are lot of automobiles on this street so it should be easy for you to hide among them.

Destroy and Demolition features two Hardpoint locations within Row Houses that house both an A bomb and the fifth Hardpoint location: one is protected from long range weaponry; however aggressive players with close-quarter weapons also can find success here.

Fish & Chips Shop

Coalition forces control of one side of the map where there is a restaurant offering quick food services, though its interior space is relatively cramped and small. Both Cyber Attack and Hardpoint use it as a target for their abilities.

Players gain access to both the kitchen and dining rooms of the mansion. A passageway leads directly from the kitchen out into Corner Market’s alley behind, while its front door faces towards Retail Row street.

Skirmishes typically occur here, with the exception of Cyber Attack and Hardpoint game modes. Players should use the front windows as a watch tower against enemies who might try to invade Coalition spawn points and sneak past security measures.

Allegiance Spawn: Street (East)

There is a barrier separating the Allegiance spawn from Cask and Dragon Pub, the Residence building. To find it easily, locate it along one of the pathways leading further into the level. In front of this location is where you may locate the Conservatory building.

Dominance is notoriously hard to control and the C flag may be found here. Two buildings connected by an unobtrusive passageway with two entrances offer ample opportunity for teamwork; therefore capturing this flag requires collaboration from multiple teammates working in unison to quickly capture it.

Modern Warfare maps all provide this spawn zone with incredible potential for success, with Snipers taking cover at the Conservatory door and waiting for players as they move between floors to pass through it – this ensures regular turnover through this region of space.

Coalition Spawn: Street (West)

The Coalition Spawn can be found between the Fish and Chips shop and Insurgent Headquarters, accessible via an opening in the region that houses restrooms on the map. Furthermore, its Garden Center can also be reached through this doorway.

Players typically avoid congregating at the area designated as their spawn point in favor of one of the nearby structures instead. If possible, avoid coming here because there is little cover here for players.

Cheshire Park delivers on its promise of fast-paced action by providing gameplay that’s both fast and not overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different techniques until you discover one that works well on this map.

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Now that you have read all about Cheshire Park Map available here, you should have an improved grasp on its contents and events. Feel free to share any thoughts or raise any queries in our comment section; and should any assistance be needed at any point don’t be reluctant to seek it!

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