Cheshire Park: A Modern Warfare Maps Guide (Call of Duty)

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you can play on a multiplayer map called Cheshire Park. It arrived with the “Season Four: Reloaded” update on June 30, 2020. This is a brand new, medium-sized map made specifically for 6v6 Standard Modes.

Cheshire Park is a beautiful garden and conservatory in the middle of London, England. Here, operators will fight each other as they move from door to door or through the central flower-filled space.

You can use the townhouses as a vantage point, the shops for close-quarters combat, and the side streets as shortcuts. Those who set up shop in second-story windows, phone booths, front yards, or scaffolding should be challenged if they have the guts to do so.

Cheshire Park Map
Cheshire Park

Cheshire Park Map Hardpoint Rotations:

Each and every one of the Modern Warfare Map Cheshire Park’s Hardpoint Positions, along with their Rotations:

Cheshire Park Map
  • Corner Market
  • Cask & Dragon Pub
  • Row Houses
  • Fish & Chips Shop
  • Allegiance Spawn – Street (East)
  • Coalition Spawn – Street (West)

Corner Market

The Corner Market is a relatively small grocery that may be found at the very conclusion of Retail Row. From the first and second levels, there are several nice vantage points down the long street, making them suitable for players with long-range weaponry because of the distance they can see.

On the first floor of the building, there are a few shelves that are accessible to those who have overcome the building’s defenses. Access can be gained from Retail Row by the building’s main entrance, which features both a door and a window, as well as via the alleyway door located on the building’s side.

The more susceptible Retail Row is typically hidden from view by the Corner Market, which serves its purpose well. Explosive weapons can be employed to either eliminate foes or draw them out for further engagement. However, keep this in mind while you are competing against other campers.

Cask & Dragon Pub

There are several entrances to the Cask and Dragon Pub from different parts of the map. In order to get to Retail Row or the side Conservatory entrance, Allegiance players frequently cut past the pub.

The Conservatory, Retail Row, and the Allegiance spawn location can all be hidden from view by closing the numerous windows in the main bar area. Snipers will find the patio area ideal, as it offers clear sightlines into Retail Row.

However, be aware that this location is highly disputed in the vast majority of games, so you should expect attackers to continually attempt to seize the position.

Row Houses

The Row Houses is a corridor that connects the back door of the Conservatory to the Insurgent stronghold and the spawning grounds of the Coalition. There are a lot of automobiles on the street, so it ought to be easy for you to conceal yourself among them.

In Search, Destroy, and Demolition, the A bomb and the fifth Hardpoint location are both located inside of the Row Houses. As a result of the cover that is offered by the buildings, it is possible to cover this region with long-range weaponry; yet, aggressive players who are armed with close-quarter weapons are also able to succeed.

Fish & Chips Shop

On the side of the map controlled by the Coalition is a restaurant that serves quick food. The interior is relatively cramped and small. Both Cyber Attack and Hardpoint make use of the Fish and Chips Shop as a target for their respective abilities.

Players get access to both the kitchen and the dining room of the mansion. The alley that is located behind the Corner Market can be reached by a passageway that is accessible from the kitchen. The front door of the building is oriented to face the street that leads to Retail Row.

The majority of the gunfights that take place in this area are considered to be skirmishes, with the exception of the Cyber Attack and Hardpoint game modes. Players can use the front windows to keep a look out for enemies who could be trying to infiltrate the Coalition spawn.

Allegiance Spawn: Street (East)

There is a barrier between the Allegiance spawn and the Cask and Dragon Pub, which is the Residence building. You may locate the Conservatory directly in front of the spawn place, on the route that leads deeper into the level.

The C flag may be found in Dominance, which is a territory that is notoriously tough to control. The two buildings are linked together by a passageway that is not very well hidden and has two entrances, one on each side of the passageway. The only way to quickly capture this flag is for a large group of our teammates to collaborate and work together.

This position is a good spawn zone across all of the Modern Warfare maps because of the tremendous potential for success it possesses. Snipers can take cover at the Conservatory door and wait for players to come through as they move between floors. This means that players will regularly rotate through this region.

Coalition Spawn: Street (West)

The Coalition Spawn is located in the area that stretches from the Fish and Chips shop all the way to the Insurgent Headquarters. It is essential to take note that the Garden Center can also be reached through a door that is situated in the region of the map that contains the restrooms.

Players tend to spend very little time at the area designated as the spawn point, preferring to congregate in one of the nearby structures instead. If at all possible, you should steer clear of coming here because there is very little cover for players.

Cheshire Park succeeds on its promise of thrilling action by having gameplay that is both fast-paced and not overpowering. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of different techniques until you find one that works the best on this map.

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