Das haus Vanguard Map: Location and Best Tips

Das Haus is the name of one of the popular 6-on-6 multiplayer maps found in Call of Duty: Vanguard. This well-recognized map offers plenty of excitement during any online matchup between two sides.

At launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, players’ computers were preloaded with its map: A woodland region in Germany serves as the site for drills to simulate an attack from abroad on the White House from outsiders; furthermore, this map serves as a virtual West Wing and features close quarter combat within its interior space.

Every single hardpoint location within Das Haus

Given a map is limited in space, it seems peculiar that all Hardpoint Locations were clustered together in one central area. There’s no compelling argument in favor of doing this and just adds even further chaos when cycling between all these Hardpoints adds another level of confusion into proceedings – who exactly devised such an intricate scheme anyway?

When playing Hardpoint on Das Haus, keep in mind that its small map size makes you an easy target for other players. Therefore, it is critical that you utilize short to medium range weapons with armor plates at all times and utilize weapons with short to medium range as soon as lethals approach you. Additionally, consider moving maps if having difficulty; radar is especially adept in this game!

Das Haus contains five Hardpoints, as is typical in this business. Unfortunately, due to its limited size and lack of variety, Das Haus may not be ideal for playing Hardpoint as the only strategy you can successfully employ in it involves anticipating your opponent’s movements before they take place – otherwise chaos reigns supreme! Here is more information regarding Hardpoints located within Das Haus:

  • Grand Entrance
  • Blue Room
  • Dining Room
  • Cross Hallway
  • Red Room
das haus vanguard map

Tips For Daus Haus Vanguard Map

  • Be Patient
  • Try prefiring to gain an advantage.
  • Come equipped with the right perks and weapons.
  • Pay attention to spam.


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