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Halo Infinite Bulldog: Location, Shotgun Spawns

Halo Infinite introduces several brand new weapons with CQS48 Bulldog shotgun being one of them. This combat shotgun features pump action firing to quickly dispatch enemies it only needs two bullets for killing an adversary! For more detail about this powerful firearm and all of its capabilities click here.

Halo Infinite Bulldog Location

Halo Infinite Bulldog
CQS48 Bulldog

Halo Infinite’s CQS48 Bulldog shotgun can be found in various locations that serve as its spawn points – that is to say, multiple maps. Prior to delving deeper, two important notes must be made: (1) These locations do not represent all possible sites for the gun; they simply represent its most likely places of appearance. Secondly, for those not seeking specific answers but instead general direction: It appears the Bulldog tends to lay its eggs in tight quarters like hallways and its home base.

So let’s dive into the details: Bazaar, Launch Site, Streets, Live Fire, High Power and Fragmentation are the most frequent locations where Bulldog shotgun spawns; we located one on Launch Site map using Kaiba’s video below that revealed remaining Bulldog bases; try opening one of many gun lockers on these maps until you find its location – it may take some trial-and-error until you get used to using one!

About: Halo Infinite Bulldog

Manufacturer:Misriah Armory
Ammunition type:M301 12-gauge magnum
Length:37.5 inches (95 cm)
Feed system:7-round rotary magazine
Rate of fire:Semi-automatic

Specifications of Layout

The CQS48 Bulldog is a 7-round rotary magazine pump action battle shotgun that fires 12-gauge bullets.
Every time you fire, you have to pull back on the foregrip and push it forward to cycle through the weapon action and advance the cylindrical magazine. The CQS48’s rotary magazine makes reloading the gun more quicker than with the M45 or M90, which have fixed magazines that cannot be removed. However, the 12-gauge bullets it shoots are much narrower. The Bulldog has iron sights and various rail sections for attaching accessories. In the year 2560, CQS48s were produced with a black and dark grey finish.

The Misriah Armory facility on Eos Chasma, Mars, and the name of the weapon, CQS48 Combat Shotgun, are all listed on the decals on the side of the weapon.

Bulldog Spawns: Halo Infinite Ranked Arena

Within the Halo Infinite Ranked Arena, an undead wolf pack has formed and taken on the persona of a bulldog while spreading chaos and creating mayhem.
As opposed to Big Team Battle, where its location can shift regularly, Ranked Arena provides more regular sightings of Bulldog. You may recognize some locations from this playlist; however, this unique creature only appears on two maps: Bazaar and Streets.

The Bulldog can be found in the Tower Basement, similar to its appearance in standard CTF on Bazaar which can be played either Slayer or CTF mode. You can purchase one at the yellow vending machine in Commercial District just like it can in traditional Oddball on Streets; and is available across all three game types (Oddball, Slayer and Strongholds).

Now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S is the multiplayer beta for Halo Infinite; Xbox 360 owners will be able to purchase it on December 8th as will those interested in Series X/S consoles.

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The CQS48 Bulldog comes equipped with seven rounds of ammunition stored for emergencies. When picked up, its prompt describes it as a shotgun possessing “kinetic” and “spread” properties; due to increased vertical recoil during rapid fire it has an impressive rate of fire that significantly outdistances earlier shotguns in this series. When using close quarter combat with other players using multiplayer mode it takes at least two bullets from this gun before killing off an adversary such as Unggoy but there may still be adversaries capable of being felled with just one bullet like Unggoy alone!

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