Stand upright rebooted trello Wiki April 2024 List Update

Stand upright rebooted Trello has received a new start [MIH/CMOON]. Roblox game Stand Upright Rebooted, inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (JJBA), one of the greatest animes ever made, has recently seen another edition with some changes & will allow gamers to experience its captivating story line as never before.

JJBA is classified in Japan as M+ Anime. therefore only suitable for viewers aged 13 years or above as this anime contains very violent moments that require adult supervision.

Stand upright rebooted trello Wiki 2024

Stand Upright Rebooted Wiki & Trello by i studioman features many anime-influenced abilities in its gameplay. combat is part of it as is using moves seen in anime, plus unique or non-canon stances that differ from canon ones.

Let’s have a quick glance at the Stand Upright Rebooted Wiki & Trello:

Controls for the Restarted Wiki & Trello

The M Key Opens the Menu for the Stats Display in the Stand

Please Raise Your Hands If You Have a Question (It will only work if you already have a stand)

  • P – Pose
  • Laughing Man Punch
  • A Power Punch from RMB (Multiple Times, Presumably Twice)
  • Ctrl – Run
  • Leap/Dash with Alt/4 (Only works if you already have a stand)
  • Specifically, G Block
  • A – Appetizers
  • Raise Your Heads, We’ve Reset the Rankings
  • Activate Codes’ Restart & Stand Tall

Stand Upright Rebooted Wiki & Trello: Item Spawn time

Item NameTime
Rokakaka Fruit 1 Minute 20 Seconds | Chance 1/1 |
Stand Arrow 1 Minute 20 Seconds | Chance 1/1|
Stone Mask 13 Minutes | Chance 1/3 |
Unusual Arrow 1 Minute | Chance 1/10 |
Ketchup 1 Minute | Chance 4/25 |(Trade to SWAT NPC)
Dio Diary 30 Minutes | Chance 1/4 |(Ascends stands)
Requiem Arrow 33 Minutes | Chance 1/4 |
Green Baby 16 Minutes | Chance 1/3 |
Saints Body 25 Minutes | Unknown |

Wiki & Trello Rebooted to Stand Upright: Dio’s Dairy Stands

Over Heaven, Star Platinum
premiere of The World: Over Heaven Macho Requiem

Ultimate Dairy Stands Wiki & Trello:

Stand Upright Rebooted
Over Heaven: Jotaro’s Star Platinum
Over Heaven, from Dio
Over Heaven, Star Platinum (OVA)
The Universe: Above Heaven (OVA)

Stands for Requiem Arrow:

Requiem for Hierophant Green
Gold Experience Requiem The Hand Requiem Killer Queen Bites the Dust
Requiem for a Silver Chariot
Requiem for King Crimson

Other Items:

Cursed Orbs: Only Heaven Ascended Jotaro NPC can use Cursed Orbs in Stand Upright Rebooted to drop Cursed Orbs that may be used to transform The World (TW) into Shadow The World (STW).

Similar to Dio’s Diary, Ultimate Dairy allows players to transform existing stands into Heaven Ascended versions. Heaven Ascended Jotaro NPC will drop this item, with at least level 100 required before using it.

Requiem Arrow: Recalling someone’s demise. With an increased chance every 33 minutes or from lying characters level +140.

Vampires may enjoy strolling under an umbrella in the sun, though their HP regeneration rate will be reduced as a result. Purchase from an NPC umbrella vendor.

Use Saint’s Limb to form Saint’s Body or use it on Tusk Act 1. Obtain Saint’s Limb by defeating Johnny Boss.

Saint’s Torso can be used on Tusk Act 2 to form Saint’s Body or through elimination of Johnny Boss to gain it.

Use the Saint’s Skull from Tusk Act 3 or obtain it via killing Johnny Boss or from homeless man NPC in order to create the Saint’s Body with it. It can be obtained either way.

Secondary Hamon: Purchase from any NPC dealer who carries it.

Wiki & Trello Stands Guide Refreshed

Players may employ the arrows that appear across the world to help them establish a foothold.

Energy-Packed Arrows:

It improves your chances of getting rare stands & Dio’s TW. You may also get spawns from Liars every minute, with a 10% probability.

Put Up Your Arrows

Every minute, a new group of Stand Arrows appears at random locations. There’s also the option of purchasing it from William & Willy. This item is also obtainable as a prize from lairs. Details about your Stand Arrow chances are provided below.

Energized Wiki & Trello: Rokakaka Fruit

For taking down either of your current stands or backup stands, Rokakaka Fruit will come in handy. After 1 minute & 20 seconds it reappears elsewhere on the map so if desired you could always go after acquiring it from The Williams (as an incentive) instead.

Brace Yourself: The Stone Mask Wiki & Trello Have Been Reborn

If you want to unlock the vampire secondary, you’ll need the Stone Mask. The average spawn time is 13 minutes, & the likelihood is 33%. Can’t be done unless you’re level 25 or above.

Kars Mask – Standing Tall After a Reboot of the Wiki & Trello

To get Ulf Spec, you must wear the Kars Mask. A spawn probability of 1 in 6 occurs every 60 minutes. Expected level range: 45+.

Stand Arrow Chances: 


  • Silver Chariot
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Aerosmith
  • Cream


  • Star Platinum
  • Hierophant Green
  • Killer Queen


  • Star Platinum: Stone Ocean


  • Purple Haze
  • Stone Free
  • The Hand


  • The World Alternate Universe
  • Whitesnake


  • The World


  • Gold Experience
  • King Crimson
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Below 1%

  • Premier Macho
  • Silver Chariot OVA
  • The World OVA
  • Jotaro’s Star Platinum
  • Star Platinum OVA

FAQ about the Stand Upright Rebooted Wiki & Trello:

Is there going to be a data reset?

Based on the information we have, there won’t be a data reset.

Does this game have a maximum level?

According to our knowledge, this game does not have a maximum level.

How much DMG improvement do you get per 50 levels?

Each additional 50 levels gives you an X0.7 DMG increase.

Do my possessions remain after elimination?

Yes, they do. if you die, they remain in your possession forever, but if you backspace, they disappear along with you.

Where can I find Rokaka Fruit or Arrows?

Every x1 minute, they spawn all across the map.

How can I join the staff team, please?

Keep yourself busy, watch for applications, & fulfil the criteria. (Be sure to sign up for Discord. the link is )

Is there a projected time for when the game will be completed?


How can I get rid of my auxiliary power?

Use a standard Roka, with or without a stand, or locate a Rotten Rokaka by eliminating a Swamp Monster in the sewers.

Why doesn’t a vampire mask or Hamon offer me anything when I use one?

Hamon & vampire are secondary. Both a stand & one without one may be utilised.

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