Weaver Cod: Weaver Call of Duty Cold War

Weaver Cod: This character, known as Weaver, was added to Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone on August 2, 2022, as part of the update known as “Season Four: Reloaded.” This meant that players could choose him as an operator in the game’s different multiplayer modes. Weaver serves as a member of the CIA squad whenever NATO forces are engaged in combat.

In later episodes of this season, Grigori Weaver will leave the protection of Requiem’s secret headquarters in order to take on the zombie threat once and for all. In addition, he will participate in any and all NATO missions he may be assigned to across Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone.

Grigori Weaver, a member of the CIA’s Clandestine Service, was born on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain, but he was raised in the United States. This gives him family ties to both the Soviet Union and the United States. He has been inspired to return to duty ever since he was blinded in his left eye, and he has done so by donning an Operator Skin that is modeled on his prior appearance in Black Ops.

Weaver Cod
Weaver Cod

Weaver Cod: Know More

Full Name:Grigori Weaver
Date of Birth:11-10-1936
Faction: NATO
Nationality: Russian
Blood Type: A+
First Language:Russian
Service: CIA Special Activities Division
1943Weaver’s mother flees Soviet Union with her children, settles in USA.
1954 Enlists in US Army. Outstanding performance in Ranger school, and Russian language skills earn him quick recruitment by CIA’s Special Activities Division Special Operations Group (SAD/SOG).
1963Captured during mission to Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakh SSR. Loses left eye to Soviet Colonel Lev Kravchenko. Returns to field ops within weeks, as effective as ever.
Peer Assessment:Weaver is well-liked and highly regarded inside the CIA community. Clandestine Service Officer Jason Hudson has been his longest-standing professional partner, with whom he has worked closely on a number of missions, interrogations, and PsyOps. After initial misgivings about his Russian ancestry, the Agency has come to view him as an invaluable tool in their counter-USSR special operations.

Weaver works with Frank Woods and Alex Mason (COD)

Working with Frank Woods and Alex Mason is a pleasure for Weaver. As someone who typically regards coworkers with disdain and scorn, Woods shows reluctant admiration for Weaver, who can be just as hard-nosed and lethal on the field as Woods himself.

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Weaver’s return to active duty so soon after his terrible experience at Baikonur raised worries among agency authorities based in Langley.Weaver was given a clean bill of health by Hudson, who recommended him to the CIA director as “uniquely vital and indispensable” to ongoing operations against rogue KGB personnel.

Intelligence Gathering: Penetrate and Compromise

Weaver doesn’t take any chances, so he packs not one but three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Desolation” Assault Rifle, the “Desert Heat” Submachine Gun (with Blue and Purple Tracer Fire), and the extremely devastating “Krossbow Kollector” Special Weapon.

In addition to Weaver’s starting Operator Skin, “Kremlin’s Eye,” you’ll gain access to “Zombie Decay,” a Finishing Move that lets any Operator lure a zombie into killing their opponent, as well as the “Courier of Death” animated emblem, the “Bloodshot” animated calling card, the “Projected Status” watch, and the “Raven” charm.


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