Idle Champions Codes (May 2024): Get New Codes

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms by Codename Entertainment is an addictive free to play RPG set within Dungeons & Dragons that’s available across platforms including Steam, iOS and Android. Players control an army of heroes against various monsters during various campaigns in Idle Champions; redeemable codes offer extra bonuses that add even greater enjoyment during gameplay sessions – we will discuss here how best to search and utilize such codes to maximize gaming sessions!

What Are Idle Champions Codes?

Idle Champions codes are unique combinations of letters and numbers that can be redeemed for free rewards in-game. Provided by game developers or community managers during promotional events or social media campaigns as gifts from them; Idle Champions rewards vary but may include gold, gems, chests or exclusive characters.

Idle Champions Codes

Idle Champions Codes (Working)

CAPO-MILK-ACID1x Electrum Chest
GOAF-AGLY-TE1x Electrum Chest
GEED-WHOM-DULY1x Electrum Chest
OXEN-RANK-SETS-JETS1x Electrum Chest
LO-ZZYS-DQVE1x Electrum Chest
FRAP-HUMS-KEMB1x Electrum Chest
BOYG-HERY-LUDS1x Electrum Chest
FINI-LOIN-APEX1x Electrum Chest
SOLA-AKGL-OWUP1x Electrum Chest
SUCH-ALIF-CANS1x Electrum Chest
EYRE-SLAG-PELT1x Electrum Chest
SOLA-AKAN-DSPA-RK!!1x Electrum Chest
HAIK-LEEK-TENS1x Electrum Chest
DEFY-ROOK-BUFF1x Electrum Chest
HETS-POUF-CRAB1x Electrum Chest
JURA-ZERK-LOUS1x Electrum Chest
FLEE-TSWA-KEY61x Electrum Chest
HAWM-URGQ-PZAA1x Electrum Chest
SAVE-DRAG-ONFO-RMS!1x Electrum Chest
PART-1DUE-RGAR1x Electrum Chest
FOID-HIKE-FIGO1x Electrum Chest
FRIT-SETA-DERE1x Electrum Chest
SOLA-AKPL-EASE1x Electrum Chest
TRAV-ELTO-TOMB1x Electrum Chest
DEVS-COMP-LAIN1x Electrum Chest
DRAK-EWAR-DEN!1x Electrum Chest
DoubleDragon1x Electrum Chest
DRAG-ONRI-DERZ1x Electrum Chest
RANG-TREY-FAZE1x Electrum Chest
TOOM-ABLY-BETA1x Electrum Chest
TOOM-ABLY-BETA1x Electrum Chest
SPAC-EDRA-GONS1x Electrum Chest
SANK-VETS-KOBS1x Electrum Chest
SOLA-AKHI-ICP51x Electrum Chest
MALI-LUIT-YAWL1x Electrum Chest
ARTO-MANC-ERS!1x Electrum Chest
LU-BOAK-PITY1x Electrum Chest
SOLAAKATTACK1x Electrum Chest

How to Redeem Idle Champions Codes?

To redeem Idle Champions codes, follow these steps:

  • Launch Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and click “Shop” in the top-right corner to access their store.
  • For redemption purposes, select “Redeem” from the Shop menu and follow its instructions.
  • Enter your code into the field provided and press “Redeem.”
  • If the code is valid, your reward will be added directly into your account immediately.

Note: Some codes have an expiration date or limited uses, so be sure to redeem them promptly.

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How do you get free familiars in idle champions?

There are a few ways to get free familiars in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms:

  1. Event Rewards: Idle Champions may offer familiars as rewards to participants for successfully accomplishing specific objectives or challenges during specific events.
  2. Twitch Drops: Idle Champions offers Twitch Drops during live streams that feature familiar figures as rewards – offering both viewers and Idle Champions users something extra for free!
  3. Promotional Codes: Idle Champions may periodically issue promotional codes which can be redeemed for free familiars.
  4. Quests In-game: Completing certain in-game quests can net you free familiars!
  5. Time Gates: Time Gates allow you to unlock previously released champions and familiars, including free ones! Time Gates are usually made available once every month.
  6. Daily Login Rewards: Idle Champions provides daily login rewards that may include familiars as occasional bonuses.

Tips for Utilizing Idle Champions Codes

Before using your Idle Champions codes, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Prior to redeeming any code, double check its expiry date.
  • Quickly utilize these codes as many have limited uses or an expiration date.
  • Staying abreast of official social media accounts and websites to look out for any newly available codes is vitally important.
  • Participate in community events to increase your chances of acquiring codes.
  • Employ rewards strategically in your gameplay strategy for optimal success.

Last Words

Idle Champions codes offer an effective way to enhance your gaming experience & unlock free rewards in-game. By following the tips outlined here, it should be easy to locate & redeem Idle Champions codes to gain an edge during campaigns – don’t forget to keep checking official channels regularly as well as community events for better chances at finding codes!

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