Bypass Nokia Google Account easily and remove frp protection and add latest gmail account in your device, this method is for almost Nokia android devices, whether it is android 7.0 or android 7.1.1, this method would work perfectly with Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and Nokia 8.

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In this tutorial will show how to reset frp lock in Nokia 2 (ta 1011)having latest version of android os.this solution is tested and working in nokia 2 without any risk of dead or hangs on logo,without flashing any rom or root,just follow billow given process and unlock frp lock in nokia 2 .

To unlock frp lock in nokia 2 you have to first enable adb enable adb mode in frp locked phone please follow billow given guide and enable adb in nokia 2 , after adb enabled just install adb driver and unlock frp by Free tool for nokia 2 frp made by officialroms.

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Bypass Nokia Google Account Android 7.1, Android 7.0, Latest Solution



Let’s Begin to Bypass Nokia Google Account:

⇒ Tap on “Lets Go” from welcome screen, after that “SKIP” and then “Setup as New”
⇒ Now Connect “Wi-Fi” in your nokia device to successfully Bypass Nokia Google Account.

⇒ Once “Wi-Fi” connected successfully, go back to “Welcome” screen again.

Enable Talkback Option:

⇒ Tap on “Vision Settings”.

⇒ After that tap on “Talkback”, and then turn on “Talkback”.

⇒ Swipe Down to Right to go to “Global Context Menu”

⇒ Double tap on “Talkback Settings”.

⇒ Now again “Swipe Down to Right”, to bring “Global Context Menu”.

Suspend Talkback:

⇒ Double tap on “Suspend feedback”, after that double tap on “OK”.

⇒  Tap on “Help & Feedback”.

⇒ Tap on “Search”, after that type there “Voice”.

⇒ Now tap on “Voice” from searched result.

⇒ After that tap on “Get started with Voice Access”.

⇒ Now tap on “Youtube Video” to play icon, after that “Share Arrow” from video corner.

⇒ Tap on “3 Dots” to share with, and then you will be redirected to

Let’s Open Google Chrome:

Remember: To Bypass Nokia Google Account, we have to open chrome browser, and google, so that we could download frp tools and install them to remove frp lock.

⇒ Drag down “Youtube Video”, and then tap on “3 dots” from top right corner, after that tap on “Settings”.

⇒ Now go to “About”, and then “Google Privacy Policy”.

Download FRP Tools to Bypass Nokia Google Account:

⇒ Swipe Up, and then look for “QuickShortcutmaker.apk”

⇒  Just tap on “Development Settings” to download in your Nokia Device.

⇒  You will get a popup once downloading finish, just tap on “OPEN” to go to “Download Folder”.

⇒ Tap on “*#*#372733#*#*” code, and then “FQC” screen will appear.

Connect Nokia Device to Computer:

⇒ Connect your device to your computer via micro USB cable.

⇒ Make sure, your device has successfully connected to your computer.

⇒ Now tap on “Receiver Test” from your Nokia Device.

Download Nokia ADB FRP in Computer:

⇒  Type “Download FRP Tools officialroms” in your computer internet browser


⇒  Download from there “Nokia ADB FRP”, and extract it.

⇒ Extract downloaded folder, and go to “ADB FRP” folder.

⇒ Right click on “BYPASS-FRP.bat” file and open it.

⇒ Command Prompt window will appear.

⇒ You will receive a popup in your Nokia device “Allow USB Debugging” from there, allow it.

⇒ Now close again “CMD” window and again open it by right click on “BYPASS-FRP.bat” to make sure that your command prompt window should have same scenario as shown in below image. (This for sure that device successfully detected).

⇒ Now press any key from your keyboard, after that remove (USB Cable) from nokia device.

⇒ Tap on “YES”, after that reboot your device by pressing “Volume Up + Power” keys together.

⇒ Now press “Power Key” again to start your device.

⇒ You will get a popup of “Talkback” just double tap on “EXIT”.

Suspend & Turn Off Talkback:

⇒ Now you have successfully accessed to your device, just “Swipe Down to Right” on your Nokia screen.

⇒ Double tap on “Pause feedback”, and then double tap on “OK”.

⇒ Go to your device “Menu”, then tap on “Settings”.

⇒ Swipe up from there, and tap on “Accessibility”, and then tap on “Talkback”, and then “Turn Off” from there.

Add New Gmail Account to Bypass Nokia Google Account:

⇒ Go back to “Settings”.

⇒ Tap on “Accounts”

⇒ After that tap on “Add Accounts”.

You have successfully finished to Bypass Nokia Google Account Frp lock, if you have any problem, feel free to ask us in comment box.


  1. i have nokia 2 phone
    iwant to bypass it
    but when i connect it to usb
    there is no usb debugging option arrived
    pls suggest me


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