Jio LF2403S Flash File Latest Tested (Stock ROM)

On this page, you can get the newest (2023) or older firmware, flash file (stock rom) for the LYF Jio LF2403S Flash File mobile phone. All of the download URLs for the current and older versions of the files are provided below; just click on the links to download the flash file to your device.

LYF JIO LF-2403S using a Flash File (stock from):

Jio LF2403S Flash File Latest Tested (Stock ROM)

Password: officialroms

NameDownload Link
LYF-LF2403N-001-02-45-240221.rar MediaFire
QFIl 9.1.7 ToolVisit Here
Qualcomm USB DriverClick Here

Qflash Tool 9.1.7 software update procedure:

  • Because the previous Qflash utility (Qflash Tool 9.1.6) needed IT staff interaction for installation, we’ve updated the tool.
  • The redesigned tool does not require the involvement of the IT staff and may be used immediately.
  • The LF2403, LF2403S (Secure Build), LF2403N, F120B, F300B, and F220B may all be flashed using this program.
  • Qflash tool 9.1.6 is the new tool.

Points to remember:

  • Only the Jio LF2303S Flash File LF2403, LF2403S, LF2403N, F120B, F300B, and F220B are supported by the updated Qflash tool 9.1.6.
  • F220B software upgrading is not supported by the old Qflash 6.1.3 tool.
  • Please inform DRS/JP/JS service personnel that the Qflash tool 9.1.6 is now available.
  • Please note that the old Qflash 6.1.3 utility does not allow LF-2403S flashing. As a result, please do not attempt this.

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