How to Get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now?

How to Get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now? Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now are valuable resources that enable you to pursue significant hunts that you might have overlooked during your exploration, regardless of their proximity.

Following the completion of Prologue 3: The Secret to Strength” in the main story, two distinct types of Paintballs become accessible. They can be get through many ways.

Our guide provides insights into the functionality of Paintballs and offers strategies for obtaining additional ones in Monster Hunter Now

How Can I Get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now

Paintballs serve a crucial role in Monster Hunter Now, enabling players to mark creatures for tracking and future hunting purposes. The game features two distinct varieties of Paintballs:

Get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now
How to Get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now?
  • Palico Paintballs: Your Palico utilizes these Paintballs to automatically tag nearby monsters. You receive three Palico Paintballs daily, and any unused ones will not be carried over to the following day.
  • Regular Paintballs: You can employ these Paintballs manually to designate creatures visible on your map. You have the option to acquire Regular Paintballs from the in-game store or earn them as rewards for advancing your Hunter Rank.

How to get Palico Paintballs

Palico Paintballs are obtainable in a singular manner: three are provided to you daily, with any remaining Paintballs not transferring to the following day. Consequently, your Palico can designate a maximum of three monsters on a daily basis. Should you require marking more than this limit, you will need to use your regular Paintball reserves.

How to get Regular Paintballs

There are three ways to get Regular Paintballs:

  • Purchase them from the in-game shop: You have the option to buy Regular Paintballs from the in-game store using Gems. Each Paintball is priced at 180 Gems and a bundle of five Paintballs can be obtained for 900 Gems.
  • Receive them as rewards for increasing your Hunter Rank: As you progress and achieve specific milestones in your Hunter Rank, you will be rewarded with Regular Paintballs. The precise thresholds for receiving these Paintballs are as follows:
    1. HR5
    2. HR6
    3. HR7
    4. HR8
    5. HR9
    6. HR10
    7. HR11
    8. HR20
  • Purchase the Release Celebration Pass: The Release Celebration Pass is a limited time offering that provides various advantages such as an enhanced Paintball supply. This pass is priced at $9.99 USD and remains valid for a duration of 30 days.

How to use Paintballs

To employ a Palico Paintball, you only need to summon your Palico and allow them to perform their task. They will autonomously designate any encountered monsters.

In the case of a Regular Paintball, you must initially locate the monster on your map. Subsequently, tap on the monster and opt for the “Mark” function. Following this, you will have the option to employ a Regular Paintball for marking the monster.

Marked monsters will remain designated for a duration of 48 hours, after which they will expire and be eliminated from the roster.

Tips for using Paintballs

Here are a few tips for using Paintballs effectively:

  • Utilize Palico Paintballs to designate monsters that you are not currently prepared to engage with. This approach enables you to locate them at a later time when you are adequately equipped.
  • Employ Regular Paintballs to indicate monsters that you intend to confront promptly. This practice assists in maintaining visual contact and prevents any loss of their whereabouts.
  • In case you are hunting alongside other players, it is essential to maintain effective communication regarding the monsters each player has designated. This ensures everyone’s alignment and minimizes unnecessary depletion of Paintballs.


Paintballs play a crucial role in Monster Hunter Now, and acquiring them is a straightforward process. By adhering to the advice mentioned earlier, you can ensure that you use Paintballs efficiently and maximize their utility.

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