The Crew Motorfest Engine Swaps 2024: A Complete Guide

The Crew Motorfest Engine Swaps 2024: The Crew Motorfest has introduced an exciting and revolutionary feature: engine swaps. This allows players to replace any car’s stock engine with another from any brand or type altogether, providing endless customization opportunities for truly unique and powerful cars.

How to Perform The Crew Motorfest Engine Swaps?

In order to perform an engine swap, players need to collect engine sound signatures – these can be earned through Motorfest playlist challenges – before going back into their vanity menu and selecting “sound signature”. Once they’ve amassed enough sound signatures, they can head into “sound signature”, where they can select any unlocked engine sound signature from their collection and apply it to any car in their garage.

The Crew Motorfest Engine Swaps
The Crew Motorfest Engine Swaps 2024: A Complete Guide

Players have the power to do things such as install V8 engines into Ferraris or Lamborghinis and switch out electric for gas engines or vice versa – with endless combinations possible! The possibilities are limitless.

Engine swaps can have more of an impact than just aesthetics – they can also dramatically enhance performance. Swapping in a V8 engine into a four-cylinder vehicle gives it more power; conversely, replacing a heavy V8 with lighter electric technology improves handling.

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Engine swaps come with some risks and drawbacks; swapping in a larger engine could add weight, decreasing handling. Furthermore, certain engines might not work with all cars. But for players willing to experiment and explore this avenue of customization further, engine swaps offer a fantastic opportunity to craft truly unique cars.

Here are a few examples of interesting engine swaps that players can try:

  • Swapping in a V12 engine into a Dodge Challenger would give it an immense power boost and transform it into one of the most potent muscle cars available on the road today.
  • Switching out a Lamborghini Aventador with a rotary engine would give it its signature sound while increasing both power and performance.
  • Swapping an electric engine into classic muscle cars like the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro would instantly increase torque and provide increased handling performance.

Engine swaps are an exciting new feature that adds depth and complexity to car customization in The Crew Motorfest. With numerous engine sound signatures available for customization, there is endless opportunity for players to craft the ideal ride of their dreams.


Engine swaps can add some excitement and character to your car collection in The Crew Motorfest. With so many engines to choose from, there’s sure to be something suitable for anyone – so get creative and start experimenting!

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