How to Complete Talent Academy in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Complete Talent Academy in Cyberpunk 2077? You can initiate the Talent Academy mission upon finishing the Phantom Liberty DLC quest known as “The Damned.” To kickstart this Gig, make your way to the green marker located to the east of Terra Cognita on your map. Mr. Hands will reach out to you, requesting that you investigate a sports academy and retrieve specific data from it.

Complete Talent Academy In Cyberpunk 2077: Step-Wise

Talent Academy is one of the many missions available in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC, challenging you to infiltrate a sports academy and extract data from Fiona’s computer. This task may be completed either stealthily or combat-heavily depending on your play style.

How to Complete Talent Academy in Cyberpunk 2077
How to Complete Talent Academy in Cyberpunk 2077
  • Meet Mr. Hands’ contact at the designated spot; he will give you your alias and advise that you enter the facility undercover.
  • Enter the exhibition hall and head directly for the security office, hacking into their computer in order to disable their security cameras.
  • Continue through the exhibition hall and into the main facility. There may be security guards patrolling, but you can bypass them by sneaking around or using stealth takedowns.
  • Discover Fiona’s office and hack her computer in order to extract data. Once finished, leave the facility and head towards the yellow perimeter on your map.

To complete Talent Academy successfully in combat:

  • Step one is entering the exhibition hall and engaging the initial group of security guards.
  • Continue through the exhibition hall and into the main facility, clearing away any security guards you come across.
  • Locate Fiona’s office and confront her. She will offer to transfer data directly to Mr. Hands for you; either accept her offer or refuse it and fight her instead.
  • If you accept her offer, she will transfer the data and you can leave the facility.
  • If you choose not to accept her offer, if necessary you will need to fight her and her security guards before downloading the data from her computer.

Tip for Completing Talent Academy:

  • For an undetected entry, ensure to switch off all security cameras prior to entering the main facility.
  • Be wary if taking an aggressive stance – be prepared for several security guards to come your way.
  • Fiona’s office can be found on the second-floor of the main facility; you can either use the stairs or elevator.
  • Fiona has offered you an offer that prohibits you from downloading data from her computer. Should you accept, there will no longer be an ability for you to do this.

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