The Crew Motorfest Trophy Guide 2024

Are You an Open World Racing Game Enthusiast but Haven’t Experienced The Crew Motorfest Trophy Guide Yet? If this describes you, then you are missing out! Developed by Ubisoft and released as The Crew 2, Motorfest provides an exhilarating racing and exploration adventure! Here, players can compete in a variety of events such as Motorfest – making for an exhilarating yet rewarding experience in The Crew 2. In this guide we’ll show how to unlock these trophies so that too can become automotive legend!

The Crew Motorfest Trophy Guide Full

Earning trophies at The Crew Motorfest can be a rewarding endeavor, but requires thoughtful planning and strategic execution. Below is a comprehensive guide on acquiring all available trophies: bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards are organized into categories.

The Crew Motorfest Trophy Guide
The Crew Motorfest Trophy Guide 2024

Gold Trophies:

  • Main Stage Headliner: “Headlining the Motorfest Main stage can be achieved by successfully completing three timelines!”
  • Festival Fanfare: Reach Level 15.
  • Not So Lonely at the Top: Ensure that you perform all tasks within a Summit Contest to earn the highest possible score.

Silver Trophies:

  • Can’t Dodge This Challenger: Complete 30 Challenges.
  • That Pono Feeling: Make Time For 24 Hours in The Crew Motorfest.
  • Fan Favourite: Reach maximum level on one vehicle.
  • Walk of Fame: Take part in Motorfest Legends today.
  • Leagues Above: To complete five events in Main Stage Mode.

Bronze Trophies:

  1. Step Up to the Big Leagues: Attend 15 Motorfest Events.
  2. Aloha!: Welcome to MotorFest 2018 for the very first time.
  3. Setting the Stage: Create and submit your first Playlist.
  4. Complete 6 Playlists to Set the Right Atmosphere for Cars, Bikes, Rides and Good Vibes: Complete Six Playlists
  5. Take the Wheel : Take Control and Win 5 Custom Events.
  6. Passion Project: Bucks On An Interest Project.
  7. Gearhead vs Collector? Own 30 Vehicles?
  8. Build Different: Own vehicles in 10 distinct vehicle categories.
  9. A e s t h e t i c: Complete 20 Photo Ops.
  10. MotorFeats Madness: Compete 31 different Motorfest Feats!
  11. Blink and You’ll Miss It: For the first time, explore the fast travel feature.
  12. Madcap: Unleash 15 actions using Dynamic Freestyle and create an impressive 15 action combo!
  13. Luck Is Part of Talent: Unlock Treasure.
  14. Parade Lap: Travel 40 kilometers (25 miles). Anywhere in Hawaii is available as the starting point.
  15. Oahu Sights: Take three photos during one sitting to capture Oahu sights.
  16. Pele Shout-Out: Reach the summit of Pele Volcano using a ground vehicle.
  17. English Bunt: Underpass five distinct bridges within a single session for maximum points.
  18. Stay still for one minute on the beach in front of Royal Hawaiian Hotel to indulge in local luxury.
  19. Seize the Sun: Fly as high as possible to capture its warmth.
  20. French Toast: Make an Ubisoft logo donut move.
  21. Join or form a Crew: Adopt or establish the pack mentality.
  22. A Crew to Go!: Create a customized event with 4 players.
  23. Customize: Personalize an entire vehicle (visual parts and livery).
  24. Look At Us Go: Drive or fly five kilometers with one or more crew members during the same session.
  25. Participate in a Grand Race event!
  26. Summit Contest Event Completion: Reach the summit!
  27. Have a Crash on You: Join in on a Demolition Royale event.
  28. Do Something Now: Defeat 3 Vehicles in Demolition Royale and you should feel better quickly!
  29. Rear View Mirror Smile: Pass 12 players in the Grand Race for victory!
  30. Steal the Show: Submit one vehicle to the Custom Show for consideration.
  31. No One Is Perfect: Cast your vote for five cars in the Custom show.
  32. Doghouse Days: Play Demolition Royale and transform twice into a monster truck in one game!
  33. Dai-Go-Go!: Compete and succeed by driving in Ebisu Style without hitting walls or limits during this event.
  34. Smooth Sea /= Skilled Sailor: Complete a Speedtrap instance using your boat.
  35. Sweet Tooth: Take to the skies in style by flying over “Rule the Streets,” an inflatable donut created for use as a runway by planes.
  36. Shaken Not Stirred: Dress your avatar in an informal tuxedo and drive an Aston Martin car for an experience unlike any other!
  37. Kane Limits: In Hawaii, try leaving by boat or plane by reaching the boundary of the map.
  38. No Roads Required: With the Delorean DMC-12 you can reach speeds up to 88 MPH (142 km/H) and use its rewind feature for ultimate control of time travel.
  39. Oahu Mindfulness: Remain in a meet car for 10 seconds or longer.
  40. Mistakes Were Committed…: Use the Rewind feature fully once to correct errors that occurred during production.
  41. Unholy Pizza: Take part in an unholy donut dance around a pineapple store!
  42. Where’s Down: After performing two bike backflips while in the air, use fast fav with a plane for fast descent before landing on the ground.

The Crew Motorfest Trophy Guide: Tips for earning all the trophies:

  • Start with Bronze Trophies; they’re easier than any others to earn and will serve as a good basis for future trophies.
  • Focus on completing Playlists to earn Bronze, Silver and MotorFeats Madness Trophies.
  • Conquer custom events to earn the Silver trophy Take the Wheel.
  • Spend your cash and purchase vehicles, to earn silver trophies in Passion Project and Gearhead vs Collector.
  • Own vehicles from all vehicle categories to secure the Silver Trophy of Built Different.
  • Completing Photo Ops is an excellent way to earn the Bronze trophy of Aesthetic Excellence.
  • Execute Motorfest Feats to earn both the Bronze trophy MotorFeats Madness and Silver trophy MotorFeats Madness.
  • Utilizing the fast travel feature will assist in attaining the Bronze Trophy “Blink and You’ll Miss It”.
  • Complete Challenges. By doing so, you will earn the silver trophy “Can’t Dodge This Challenger.”
  • Spend your time at The Crew Motorfest to earn the Silver trophy That Pono Feeling.
  • Reach the maximum level on any vehicle to earn the Silver trophy Fan Favorite and achieve victory.
  • Becoming a Motorfest Legend will help you gain entry to the Silver Trophy Walk of Fame.
  • Complete events in Main Stage Mode to unlock both trophies: Silver Leagues Above and Gold Main Stage Headliner.


The Crew Motorfest provides racing game enthusiasts with an exciting and varied set of challenges to get them going in The Crew 2. By following this guide, you’ll soon be on your way to earning those prized Motorfest trophies and becoming a true automotive legend in The Crew 2. Remember, however, that it’s not all about reaching your destination but also about experiencing all that awaits them along the journey – so buckle up, rev your engines, and start your Motorfest adventures today!

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