among us tasks Action to Fake as a Cheater April 2024

“Among Us Tasks” is currently the most popular streamer of this millennium. Many YouTubers are streaming Among Us through their channels, and players seem to be hooked just like any other game – not because it boasts superior graphics or any other feature but because its gameplay and narrative are simply amazing.

among us tasks has been around for some time, yet its full potential wasn’t fully appreciated until recently. The game can be played across all platforms and lets players choose either the imposter or crewmate character to play as.

among us tasks Action to Fake as a Cheater 2022

The crew members must track an imposter within the group who is causing trouble and taking out everyone else and then throws the imposter from the spaceship. 

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Among us tasks Action to Fake as a Cheater 2024

Conversely, the role of the imposter is to murder other players and then survive until victory by disguising itself as a fellow crew member. Discussions between players are among the most enjoyable elements of this title, making it ideal for multiplayer play.

In this article, we’ll look at the most successful tasks an imposter can undertake to maximize their chances of winning.

Among Us

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In Our World: The Top Things To Do As An Imposter

There are no assignments given to the fake. But, they can make up or claim to have done an array of tasks. The jobs are classified into three kinds.

  • Simple tasks: take a short amount of time to finish and can be completed in one step. Like it is the Chart Course.
  • Long-term tasks have: several steps to complete and require players to remain at a particular location for a longer time. This is similar to the Start Reactor.
  • Common tasks are: given to every crew member. For instance, Swipe Card is a job that every crew member must complete. If one of the crew members doesn’t have the swipe card, beware, they are an imposter.

However, imposters can fake any task and even win the game. It is suggested that all bogus charges must be manufactured or fabricated, as they could be hazardous. Let’s look at the list of things you can pretend to be performing in the role of an imposter.

Download/Upload Data: In Among Us, this job allows you to replicate as many times and securely as possible without being detected as a fake, regardless of the settings your hosts or crew members have selected.

The task is available in five rooms on the Skeld Map: Cafeteria, Navigation Communication, Weapons, and electrical enclosures.

Fuel Engine: Imposters may try to fake the Fuel Engine task in order to advance through the Among Us game. This task can be found on The Skeld Polus and Mira Maps with HQ.

For skilled and polus crewmates, that task may take some time and require you to stay at one location for extended periods. On the contrary, your work on Mira HQ fuel engine project is relatively quick; your study should make your crewmates believe you are actually performing the task at hand.

Repair Wiring Another task required is to repair wiring. You must repeat this procedure three times in order to complete this task. Repair Wiring jobs may involve traveling to various locations; thus, you could search for crew members who are not alone and take them out on-the-spot.

There are six locations where this could be done, such as a cafeteria, admin navigation, security or storage facilities.

You may use fake visual tasks when the visual task is set to turn off. However, the host usually keeps these enabled. There are four such visual tasks within Skeld: Clear Asteroids, Prime Sheild Submit Scan and Clean Garbage.

One of the best tips for being an excellent imposter is to perform each task in Freeplay Mode so you can understand how each job is completed and how long each takes. Doing this will make your case stronger when group members call to discuss details.

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