How do I Fix genshin daily login Issue April 2024

Genshin daily login : If you’re searching for action RPGs with stunning graphics and an anime-inspired style, Genshin Impact is currently your best bet. MiHoYo has done an outstanding job developing this title – it’s one of the most played RPGs worldwide at present. Nevertheless, there are glitches or bugs to contend with; one such issue being Genshin Impact daily log-in Not working.

This bug prevents players from earning daily rewards, effectively decreasing XP points and Mora currency Primogems. If you are trying to use Genshin Impact on your computer but the spinning wheel won’t function due to an unknown issue, try following some of the requirements or solutions listed below for assistance.

How do I Fix genshin daily login Issue

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How do I Fix genshin Impact daily login Issue

  • First and foremost, remember that your Genshin Impact account is connected to MiHoYo’s HoYolab, so staying informed is key.
  • For optimal performance, log out of your account and log back in a second time to clear any cache or glitch issues. For mobile users, simply restarting the device can resolve identical errors.

Welcome to HoYolab, the online community dedicated to discussing daily rewards for logging into your account. If you experience any problems with your daily login bonus, please submit a detailed report on our forum website for prompt assistance.

Though we strongly discourage using multiple accounts to earn daily rewards, it is essential that all accounts be linked together so you can receive your daily login bonus. If you experience any difficulty during this process, we have provided additional troubleshooting tips below to help address any potential issues that may arise.

Fix genshin impact facebook login problem | Login failed | Logging in Error Version 1.6

This tutorial is about how to fix genshin impact login error or facebook login failed problem.

Remove Browser Cache and Cookies

To clear your browser’s cache and cookies, access the settings menu as you would typically do to delete browsing history and sign-in details for most websites. Doing this will enable your browser to clear away any stored cache data or technical issues and upgrade its system so it displays new modifications or features correctly.

Try using an alternative browser.

Another option is to try using an alternative web browser on your PC to see if that resolves any problems you are encountering. In most cases, switching up browsers will resolve any issues encountered.

Unfortunately, at present there are no viable alternatives for console users. We anticipate miHoYo will release an update to address this bug within a few days; in the meantime, stay tuned for further details.

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