How to Get More Tokens in Monopoly Go? Complete Process

“Monopoly Go is a mobile adaptation of the timeless board game Monopoly. In this virtual rendition, players collect tokens, partake in property transactions, and build houses and hotels, all with the goal of outsmarting their opponents financially. Tokens play a crucial role in Monopoly Go, as they enable players to navigate the board and acquire properties.”

How Can I Get More Tokens in Monopoly Go

Tokens serve as a valuable asset within Monopoly Go, affording you the opportunity to personalize your game board and gain a distinct edge over your rivals. The game offers various avenues for acquiring additional tokens, and this article aims to guide you through each of these methods.

Get More Tokens in Monopoly Go
How to Get More Tokens in Monopoly Go? Complete Process

1. Complete albums

Achieving more tokens in Monopoly Go is significantly enhanced by the completion of albums. These albums consist of sets of cards united by a shared theme, such as a country, city, or animal. Your successful completion of an album will result in the reward of a token.

Several methods are available for acquiring album cards. These cards can be earned by engaging in games, opening chests, or participating in various events. Once you have gathered all the necessary cards required for album completion, simply navigate to the game menu and tap on the album icon. From there, choose the album you wish to finish.

2. Invite friends

An alternative method for acquiring additional tokens in Monopoly Go involves inviting friends to participate in the game. Upon successfully inviting a friend who accepts your invitation, you will receive a token as a reward. It’s worth noting that you have the opportunity to invite up to 10 friends daily, making it an efficient strategy for rapidly expanding your token collection.

To extend an invitation to a friend, all you need to do is tap the social icon located within the game menu and choose the “Invite Friends” option. From there, you can opt to invite your friends through either Facebook or by sending them a text message.

3. Participate in events

Monopoly Go frequently organizes events where tokens are provided as incentives. These occasions encompass various activities, ranging from completing challenges to engaging in tournaments. It is advisable to routinely review the events calendar to discover the fresh tokens you can acquire.

4. Purchase tokens

In addition, you have the option to acquire tokens using in-game currency. Tokens are available for purchase within the in-game store at various price points. If you find yourself lacking patience or the time to finish collections or engage in events, this provides a convenient and swift method to obtain additional tokens.

Additional tips for getting more tokens in Monopoly Go

Here are some additional tips for getting more tokens in Monopoly Go:

  • Consider joining a club. Clubs provide various advantages, such as the opportunity to acquire tokens by successfully completing club challenges.
  • Stay engaged on social media. Monopoly Go frequently rewards its social media followers with tokens.
  • Develop a routine of consistently engaging in the game. The greater your frequency of play, the more opportunities you’ll have to accumulate tokens.

By investing some effort, you can swiftly amass a selection of tokens within Monopoly Go. Utilize these tokens for personalizing your game board and gaining a distinctive edge over your adversaries.

How to play Monopoly GO!

To play Monopoly GO!, participants initially need to select a themed board. After making their board choice, they should also choose a game token. Following these selections, players can proceed to roll the dice in order to advance across the board.

When a player lands on a property space, they face the option to either purchase the property or initiate an auction to sell it to fellow players. In the event that a player lands on a space currently owned by another player, they are obliged to pay rent.

To enhance the rent that other players must pay, participants have the option to construct houses and hotels on their properties. If a player acquires all properties within a specific color group, they can establish a monopoly over that group. This monopoly makes it more challenging for other players to land on those properties and avoid paying rent.

The ultimate objective of Monopoly GO! is to be the sole remaining player with any financial resources. To achieve this, players must financially exhaust their opponents by acquiring all of their properties and imposing rent charges.

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