Disgaea 7 Item Reincarnation: Vows of the Virtueless

Disgaea 7 Item Reincarnation: “Item Reincarnation introduces a fresh feature in Disgaea 7, enabling you to enhance your items by transforming them into more potent iterations. Through this process, you have the capability to alter their category, rarity, and imbue them with novel attributes. This mechanism unveils a plethora of opportunities for crafting bespoke items tailored precisely to your requirements.

How To Unlock Disgaea 7 Item Reincarnation

To unlock Item Reincarnation, you’ll need to progress to Episode 7 of the story. After completing this task you have the option to convene a Dark Assembly gathering to perform the Reincarnate Item! procedure which will require 1,000 Mana.

After a successful vote, you will have the capability to utilize Item Reincarnation at any time via the Item Worlder.

To reincarnate an item, you’ll need to have it equipped on a character and then enter the Item Worlder. Once you’re inside, select the item you want to reincarnate and then choose the “Reincarnate” option. You’ll then be presented with three reincarnation choices.

The three options presented to you cannot be rerolled. It is possible for items to undergo a transformation in their types during reincarnations. Additionally, there is a probability that items may ascend to a higher ‘rank’ following a reincarnation.

Disgaea 7 Item Reincarnation
Disgaea 7 Item Reincarnation: Vows of the Virtueless

When reincarnating an item, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The original attributes of the item are retained. Therefore, a restorative item transformed into a sword will remain consumable, and a staff created from slippers will continue to enhance mobility when equipped.
  • The item’s rarity can increase or decrease after reincarnation. Higher rarity items have higher base stats and are more likely to have good properties.
  • The nature of the item may undergo alteration following reincarnation. This feature proves valuable in crafting hybrid items, like a sword that simultaneously enhances mobility.
  • After reincarnation the item has the potential to acquire fresh attributes. These attributes can bestow various benefits upon the item including enhanced damage, decreased damage susceptibility or unique effects.

Item Reincarnation is a potent resource for crafting highly effective items. Through meticulous planning of your reincarnations, you can fashion items that align seamlessly with your requirements and gameplay style.

Tips for using Item Reincarnation

Here are a few tips for using Item Reincarnation effectively:

  • Start with a good base item. The better the base item, the better the reincarnated item will be.
  • Utilize Item Points judiciously. Item Points serve the purpose of rerolling reincarnation choices and elevating the rarity of items.
  • Feel free to explore and experiment. Item Reincarnation offers an excellent opportunity to test out fresh item builds and strategies.
  • Exercise patience. Crafting the ideal item might require a considerable amount of time, yet the ultimate outcome is truly rewarding.

By exercising patience and careful planning, one can employ Item Reincarnation to craft exceptionally potent items. Therefore, embark on your journey and commence your experiments!

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