How Can I Get Electro Fighting Style in Haze Piece

How Can I Get Electro Fighting Style in Haze Piece: Electro Style stands as a formidable combat technique within Haze Piece, harnessing the power of electricity. This choice proves highly effective for individuals seeking to inflict substantial damage while maintaining exceptional mobility.

How Can I Get Electro Fighting Style in Haze Piece

To acquire the Electro Style, one must embark on a journey to the Second Sea and make their way to Oden Prison, a formidable island with a level of 2,400. As such, a significant level of strength is necessary to reach this destination.

Upon reaching Oden Prison, your next step is to locate the Electro Fighting Style Trainer, positioned at the pinnacle of a cliff on the left side of the island.

How To Get Electro Fighting Style in Haze Piece
How Can I Get Electro Fighting Style in Haze Piece

In order to converse with the trainer and receive instruction in Electro Style, a payment of 450,000 Beli is required. Following this transaction, the trainer will impart their knowledge of Electro Style.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get Electro Style in Haze Piece:

  • Travel to the Second Sea.
  • Go to Oden Prison.
  • Find the Electro Fighting Style Trainer.
  • Pay the trainer 450,000 Beli.
  • Learn Electro Style!


  • If you’re experiencing difficulty reaching Oden Prison, you can seek assistance from a more experienced player.
  • In case you lack sufficient Beli to cover the trainer’s fee, you can acquire Beli by defeating mobs or finishing quests.
  • Electro Style proves to be an excellent option for players at any skill level. This fighting style is both potent and adaptable, suitable for a wide range of combat scenarios.

What is Electro Style?

“Electro Style is a unique combat technique centered around harnessing electricity. It empowers individuals to employ electrical-based attacks for inflicting harm and incapacitating adversaries. Additionally, Electro Style enhances players’ agility, rendering it challenging for opponents to land successful blows.”

Why should I get Electro Style?

Electro Style is a distinctive and versatile combat technique that can be effectively used by individuals of various skill levels. It proves to be an excellent option for those looking to deliver substantial damage while enjoying enhanced maneuverability.”

How to use Electro Style

Electro Style offers a range of attacks that players can utilize. To employ these attacks, players must press the appropriate keys on their keyboard.

Here are some of the basic Electro Style attacks:

  • M1: A basic punch attack.
  • M2: A basic kick attack.
  • Shift: A dash attack.
  • F: A projectile attack that shoots a bolt of electricity at the enemy.
  • C: A stun attack that stuns the enemy for a short period of time.

Players have the option to merge these attacks, forming potent combinations. As an illustration, gamers can initiate a dash towards their adversary by pressing the Shift key, followed by releasing an electrical bolt with the F key.

Additionally, Electro Style offers an array of distinctive maneuvers at players’ disposal. These maneuvers are accessible by simultaneously holding down the Q key and engaging the respective keyboard buttons.

Here are some of the Electro Style special attacks:

  • Q + F: This potent projectile move releases a substantial electric beam directed at the opponent.
  • Q + C: Utilizing a powerful stunning technique, this attack incapacitates the foe for an extended duration.
  • Q + Space: Executing a forceful dash maneuver, this attack charges towards the adversary, inflicting damage upon impact.

Players have the option to merge unique abilities for the purpose of generating enhanced combinations. For instance, they can initiate a potent sequence by simultaneously pressing the Q and F keys to release a substantial surge of electrical energy towards the adversary, followed by pressing Q and Space to perform a charging maneuver that inflicts harm.


The Electro Style is an exceptionally potent and adaptable combat technique suitable for players of various skill levels. It serves as an excellent option for those aiming to inflict substantial damage while maintaining exceptional mobility. Acquiring the Electro Style involves a journey to the Second Sea and a visit to Oden Prison. Upon reaching Oden Prison, players must seek out the trainer specializing in the Electro Fighting Style and remunerate them with 450,000 Beli for instruction.

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