Beat the Clan Capital Challenge In Clash of Clans

Beat the Clan Capital Challenge In Clash of Clans: Clan Capital Challenge is an innovative addition to Clash of Clans that allows players to test their abilities against an existing base design. Each week this event offers Clan Capital Gold and Raid Medal rewards upon successful completion, so don’t miss it if it comes your way!

How to Beat the Clan Capital Challenge in Clash of Clans

Players interested in competing in the Clan Capital Challenge will need a combination of troops and spells from within their arsenal in order to destroy an opposing base. Furthermore, this challenge features exclusive troops such as Mega Sparky or Endless Haste which may not otherwise be found elsewhere within the main game.

How to Beat the Clan Capital Challenge in Clash of Clans?
Beat the Clan Capital Challenge In Clash of Clans

Here are some tips on how to beat the Clan Capital Challenge:

  • Use the right troops and spells: Clan Capital Challenge players should choose troops and spells based on their base layout; however, some good all-purpose troops are Super Miners, Mega Sparkys, Super Wizards, Frost Spells Rage Spells Haste Spells.
  • Use the new troops and spells wisely: Clan Capital Challenge offers powerful troops and spells, but players should use them wisely. For instance, Mega Sparky can be used effectively but is slow compared to its counterparts; players should ensure that this troop remains free of enemy defenses at all times.
  • Scout the base layout: Before beginning an attack, players should carefully survey the base layout. This will enable them to locate optimal spots where their troops and spells should be deployed.
  • Use your attacks wisely: Players in the Clan Capital Challenge have limited attacks at their disposal and it’s crucial that each attack be used wisely, rather than wasteping attacks with failed ones.

Attack strategy

Here is a sample attack strategy that players can use to beat the Clan Capital Challenge:

  • Begin your battle by employing the Frost Spell to freeze over water at the heart of the base, which will prevent Goblin Huts of your opponent from producing goblins.
  • Deploy two Super Miners at the center of your base. These Super Miners will tunnel underground, attacking any enemy Goblin Huts that emerge.
  • Unleash two Mega Sparkys and two Super Wizards on the right side of your base for optimal defense from enemy defenses while dealing damage directly against their base. The Mega Sparky will absorb most damage while Super Wizards deal with enemies directly threatening it.
  • Employ a Rage Spell to increase the attack speed and damage of both Mega Sparkys and Super Wizards.
  • Use a Hasten Spell on Mega Sparky and Super Wizards to increase their movement speed.
  • Ensure that you continue to deploy troops and utilize spells until the adversary base has been completely eradicated.

This serves as an illustrative attack plan, and players should be ready to adapt their tactics according to the specific base configuration and selection of troops and spells they possess.

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