Supreme Bathroom Battles Codes (May 2024)

Supreme Bathroom Battles Codes (May 2024): “Supreme Bathroom Battles” stands out as a well-loved Roblox game where participants engage in thrilling combat within a diverse range of bathroom-themed arenas. This gaming experience offers an array of weaponry and gadgets, alongside customizable characters and cosmetic items for players to enjoy.

Active Supreme Bathroom Battles codes

Here are all of the active Supreme Bathroom Battles cheats as of May 2024:

  • 6Million
  • 3k
  • TitanCameraMan
  • 5Million

Expired Supreme Bathroom Battles coupons

The following Supreme Bathroom Battles cheats have expired:

  • There are currently no expired Supreme Bathroom Battles cheats.
Supreme Bathroom Battles Codes

How to redeem Supreme Bathroom Battles codes

To claim Supreme Bathroom Battles coupons, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Launch the game and select the “Settings” option, represented by the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the “Codes” section.
  • Input the code in the designated text box and press the “Redeem” button.

Upon successful validation of the code, a confirmation message will appear, and your reward will be deposited into your inventory.

How to get more Supreme Bathroom Battles codes

To acquire additional Supreme Bathroom Battles cheats, the most effective approach is to monitor the game’s developer, @SupremeBathroomBattles, on Twitter. Additionally, the developer distributes codes through the game’s Discord server and includes them in the game’s description on Roblox.


The Supreme Bathroom Battles codes provide an excellent method for obtaining free items within the game. Ensure that you follow the aforementioned guidelines for a successful code redemption, allowing you to maximize their benefits.

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