What is a Faceoff? How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24?

How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24? Faceoffs are an integral component of hockey, and NHL 24 is no exception. Winning faceoffs gives your team possession of key areas of the ice, increasing scoring opportunities and time spent in their offensive zone.

Faceoffs in NHL 24 have been enhanced to make them more realistic and challenging, giving players more control over their faceoff moves while the AI now makes opponents harder to read.

To win a faceoff, it’s essential that you accurately predict where the puck will land before making your move at exactly the right moment. There are various faceoff moves available such as tie-up, backhand stick lift and forehand stick lift that you may use; each has their own strengths and weaknesses so it is crucial that you select one appropriate to each situation.

How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24

What is a Faceoff?

Faceoffs are used to restart play after any stoppage in play has taken place, by having two opposing players line up against each other on opposite teams with sticks on the ice and bodies facing one another, ready for when the referee drops the puck between them and attempts are made by each side to gain control of it.

How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24?

Faceoffs are one of the cornerstones of hockey, and can be particularly influential in NHL 24. Winning faceoffs puts you in possession of the puck, providing opportunities to score goals and ultimately win games.

Here are some tips on how to win faceoffs in NHL 24:

1. Use the right faceoff grip.

Faceoff grips come in two varieties, forehand and backhand. The former tends to work best at winning faceoffs at straight back; whereas, backhand is best suited for side faceoffs.

To use the forehand grip, hold the right stick towards either of your shoulders if right-handed or hold it towards either your left shoulder for left-handed players (right or left). When using a backhand grip, orient the right stick so it faces either left (if you are right handed) or right ( if you are left handed).

2. Time your faceoff action correctly.

Once you have chosen a faceoff grip, the next step should be timing your action correctly. To do this, observe the referee as they drop the puck; as soon as their arm begins moving, pull back or forward on your right stick to perform your faceoff action.

Timing your faceoff action too early leaves you open to counters from your opponent; timing it too late could mean losing the faceoff altogether.

3. Choose the right faceoff action.

There are various faceoff actions available to you, such as basic action, stick lift and tie-up. Your choice will depend on both your opponent and situation.

If your opponent consistently attempts to stick lift, using tie-up may be beneficial. On the other hand, if they always want to win faceoff straight back instead of sticking lifting, use stick lift instead.

4. Practice your faceoffs.

Practice makes perfect, so practice faceoffs against both computers and friends until you can win more often than before.

As you practice faceoffs, focus on timing your actions accurately and selecting an effective response for any given scenario.

Here are some additional tips that may help you win more faceoffs in NHL 24:

  • Use the Quick Draw ability to give yourself an advantage in faceoffs and make it easier to win them. It will increase your faceoff rating and make winning them much simpler!
  • Employ the necessary faceoff attributes. These are: Faceoff Rating, Wins in Faceoffs and Quick Draw Rate.
  • Apply the appropriate faceoff strategies. There are various faceoff strategies you can employ, such as always trying to win straight back or always sticking up for lift.
  • Follow your opponents. Keep an eye on what faceoff actions they use and try to counter them as best you can.

By following these tips, you can improve your chances of winning faceoffs in NHL 24 and giving yourself a better chance of winning games.

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FAQ – How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24

Q: What is the best faceoff strategy to use?

Faceoff strategies will vary depending on both your opponent and play style. Some general tips to keep in mind for effective faceoff strategies include employing various stick lifts, paying attention to opponent habits and remaining unpredictable.

Q: How can I improve my faceoff timing?

Practice is the key to improving faceoff timing. One effective exercise for this purpose involves lifting your stick at various speeds and angles; another method would be practicing against friends or family members.

Q: What are some common faceoff mistakes to avoid?

Common faceoff mistakes to avoid include incorrect timing of stick lift, being out of position, not controlling your stick and failing to read your opponent. Make sure you practice regularly and pay attention to any of your own errors to hone your faceoff skills and improve.

Q: What are some tips for winning faceoffs against better opponents?

When playing against an advanced opponent, it’s crucial to stay unpredictable and mix things up. Utilize different stick lifts and try not to be afraid to experiment; use both your body and stick to create space by shifting positions between hits.


Faceoffs are a critical part of hockey, and NHL 24 is no different. With the new features and changes to faceoffs in NHL 24, players will need to be more careful and strategic than ever before if they want to win faceoffs.

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