How to Protect Puck In NHL 24

How to Protect Puck In NHL 24? NHL 24 is a video game that accurately simulates the sport of hockey, including its key element – puck protection. Protecting the puck is essential if players wish to achieve success in this sport as it allows players to maintain possession and create scoring opportunities. NHL 24 offers several methods for protecting pucks such as:

Controls to Protect Puck In NHL 24

Here are some specific controls that you can use to protect the puck in NHL 24:

  • Right Stick Up: Push Check
  • Left Stick and Right Stick: Body Positioning
  • LT/L1: Protect Puck (hold)
  • RT/R2: Skate
  • A/X: Shoot
  • B/Circle: Pass

You can also use the following controls to perform moves that can help you to protect the puck:

  • L2/LB: Deke
  • R1/RB: Spin
  • RS Down: Backhand Deke
  • LS and RS Up: Spin Move
  • LS and RS Down: Crossover

Practice these controls and moves in order to become adept at protecting the puck, either against an AI in Practice Mode or playing against friends online.

How to Protect Puck In NHL 24
How to Protect Puck In NHL 24

How to Protect Puck In NHL 24

Protecting the puck in NHL 24 is one of the key skills necessary for success, enabling you to maintain control of it during offensive plays and prevent turnovers on defense. There are a few methods for doing this in NHL 24, though the most efficient one will vary depending on each situation.

Use your body

One effective method of protecting the puck is using your body as a barrier against defenders. To do this, skate with your back toward them while keeping your stick close. In addition, use arms and legs to block any attempts by them at reaching for it.

Use the boards

Boards can also help protect the puck. While skating along them, you can use your body to pin a defender against the boards and prevent them from reaching it, or use them to chip the puck closer to yourself and create space from any potential defenders.

Use your speed and agility

Skaters who possess exceptional speed & agility can use these qualities to protect the puck. Do this by moving in various directions & performing swift cuts that disrupt defender’s equilibrium, also use speed to set distance from them so you can progress the puck into unoccupied parts of the ice.

Use your stick

Your stick can also help protect the puck by standing between it and any defender who attempts to touch it. Use your stick as a poke check against them or lift over their sticks if possible.

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