Haze Piece Weapon Tier List – May 2024

Haze Piece Weapon Tier List: Haze Piece is a Roblox game inspired by the beloved anime and manga series One Piece. Players can select from an array of Devil Fruits and weapons to personalize their character and playstyle.

Haze Piece’s weapons play an integral part in its gameplay, enabling players to deal damage against enemies, block attacks and perform special abilities. There is an extensive variety of weapons available in the game each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

To assist players in selecting the appropriate weapons for them, we have created a tier list with all weapons currently available in Haze Piece.

Haze Piece Weapon Tier List
Haze Piece Weapon Tier List - May 2024

Haze Piece Weapon List: S-Tier

  • Shusui: This legendary sword is one of the most potent weapons in the game, offering high damage output and special abilities that give an edge against adversaries.
  • Fishman Trident: This Fishman Trident is an exceptional weapon with high damage output and an ability to fire water projectiles.
  • Operation Blade: This sword features the special ability to infuse opponents with electricity, inflicting gradual damage over time.

Haze Piece Weapon List A-Tier

  • Bisento v2: This upgraded Bisento features higher damage output and more potency in its special ability.
  • SeaBeast Hammer: This weapon offers high damage output and an additional ability to stun enemies.
  • Krampus Scythe: This weapon boasts high damage output and is distinguished by its ability to strike multiple enemies at once.


  • Soul Cane: This cane boasts many useful abilities, such as healing and debuffing enemies.
  • Mace: This mace possesses high damage output and the unique ability to push back enemies.
  • Pipe: The pipe’s unique ability is its ability to cause gradual damage over time to enemies.

Haze Piece Weapon List C-Tier

  • Yoru Dark Blade: This sword features the special ability of inflicting more damage upon enemies with dark-type Devil Fruits.
  • Two Sword Style v2: This upgraded Two Sword Style offers higher damage output and more potency from its special ability.
  • Shark Blade: This blade boasts the unique capability of inflicting greater damage on enemies with water-type Devil Fruits.


  • Katana: This basic katana is the weakest weapon in the game, featuring low damage output and no special abilities.

It is important to note that this tier list is subjective and may vary depending on your playstyle and preferences. However, it should give you a good starting point for choosing the best weapons for your character.

Tips for choosing the right weapons

  • Consider your playstyle when making this choice. If you prefer close combat and prefer getting close and personal with enemies, opt for weapons with high damage output; otherwise if you prefer staying back and attacking from a distance using projectile attacks then select weapons with good range and projectile capabilities.
  • Consider your Devil Fruit carefully when selecting weapons to equip with it, since certain Devil Fruits offer special abilities that pair nicely with certain weapon types – for instance if you own the Fishman Devil Fruit it would make sense to equip a weapon that deals water damage as this would help accentuate its abilities.
  • Experiment with different weapons. Give various weapons a try to find which ones suit your style best; you might be amazed at how well one you initially overlooked performs!

With such an expansive arsenal to choose from, you are bound to discover weapons tailored precisely for your playstyle. Experiment with different options until you find weapons that help you dominate the battlefield!

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