Grounded Map: All Top 10 locations

Grounded Map: All Top 10 locations: Obsidian Entertainment’s updates and additions have enhanced the Grounded map into an even livelier and vibrant experience, providing players with more ways to explore. There are now numerous hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered, from upgrade materials and Raw Science to hidden locations like Ant Cave – making for exciting adventures of discovery in search of loot and supplies such as the Sandbox and Koi Pond! Regardless if you are an experienced player or an emerging newcomer – exploring your backyard holds plenty of surprises!

Grounded Map: All Top 10 locations

Grounded Map: All Top 10 locations

All the crucial locations of grounded maps are listed below:

  • The Oak Tree
  • The Sandbox
  • Battletoads Statue
  • The Koi Pond
  • Spider Fences
  • Juice Boxes
  • Garden Spade
  • Berry Forest
  • Mint Case
  • 4-Leaf Clover
  • Ant Genocide Cave
  • Haze Lab

Haze Lab

The introduction of Haze gas brought along several secrets in Grounded, such as the Haze Lab that is both hazardous and challenging to approach. Prior to entering this lab, you need to explore the Oak Lab located on the far side of the central oak tree in the yard.

Grounded Map haze lab

Given the proximity of the lab to the Haze zone, it’s crucial to carry gas masks to avoid inhaling the dangerous gas while navigating the terrain. The Poison status effect should be avoided as it can swiftly reduce your HP.

The Oak Tree

The oak tree serves as an important landmark on the Grounded map, where you can interact with B.U.R.G.L and progress with the story. It also conceals a hidden science lab which seems to be behind your current predicament; by exploring each lab further you’ll learn more.

Grounded Map the oak tree

As well as serving as the central hub of your adventure, the oak tree also acts as an invaluable resource point, offering items such as acorns and sap to gather for resources and sidequests to take up as you advance the storyline. Therefore, setting up camp nearby would greatly facilitate trips back there to collect these resources or complete side quests and further your story arc.

The Sandbox

If you’re looking to collect rare materials and insects to build your gear, head to the Sandbox beyond the picnic table near the southwestern corner of the garbage dump. To enter the Black Ant Lab, drop off the edge of the Sandbox and locate the CRT monitor in the trash heap. It’s in front of the Black Ant Descent, and you’ll need Bratburst explosives to break through the rocks and glass blocking your way.

Grounded Map the sandbox

Battletoads Statue

The Battletoads statue is an eye-catching landmark on Grounded map that was highlighted during its beta release teaser. This statue’s presence in its final form can be linked back to Rare’s tradition of including Easter eggs within Xbox exclusive releases by Rare Game Studios; further cementing collaboration among their various projects. If you’re seeking clay for crafting projects, exploring around this landmark should not be missed!

Grounded Map Battletoads Statue

The Koi Pond

At the center of this map is an oak tree and nearby lies a shimmering, large pond reflecting sunlight. Though initially it might appear empty, upon closer examination you will spot Koi fish and diving bell spiders living within its waters; one Koi has partial blindness so cannot be killed but instead only distracted from passing by you if necessary.

Grounded Map the koi pond

Players quickly discovered references to Koi fish within its files and soon identified it as one of its main antagonists in the pond. Over time, as new creatures are added into the game it will continue its gradual transformation; some might become fan favorites and spark intriguing theories regarding its lore.

Spider Fences

At first, insects may seem to appear randomly, but that isn’t entirely accurate. Many insects have specific locations where they spawn; for instance spiders have specific areas they roam in due to being challenging for one player alone to manage.

Grounded Map spider fences

At certain locations of the game map, wooden log fences will appear. Unfortunately, these spaces between logs contain spider nests which must be avoided at all costs. Trail markers should be used to highlight common spawn points and remind yourself not to visit these spots.

Juice Boxes

The juice and water containers scattered throughout the map are essential sources of hydration for daily survival in the yard. It is advisable to mark these locations with trail markers early on to reduce stress levels later. In case of longer expeditions, juice boxes can serve as a convenient alternative to refill your canteen when you run out of water.

Grounded Map: All Top 10 locations

It is worth noting that some containers hold more water than others, and it may be tempting to stop at these locations while exploring the map for Grounded secrets. Additionally, soda cans can provide excellent bases to build around, so be sure to take note of them when you come across them.

Garden Spade

A garden spade may look like nothing more than a shovel stuck into a mound of dirt; however, its presence marks an abandoned anthill beneath it that contains many hidden items, particularly upgrade materials.

Grounded Map: All Top 10 locations

Inside you’ll discover that the cave is pitch black, so bring along several torches if you plan on exploring it. In its mound lies a research lab, various hostile ants, and, most importantly, an enormous deposit of Quartzite crafting material; Brittle Quartzite Shards can be used to craft Smithing Stations that produce upgrades for weapons and armor upgrades.

Berry Forest

As you explore the Grounded map, this area may play an integral part of your main story depending on which B.U.R.G.L chips you prioritize. Although it appears as if it is deep within a forest, this location actually sits nearby the yard home; upon exploring it further you will uncover secrets and resources including berries that can expand your crafting menu.

Grounded Map: All Top 10 locations

Berry Leather upgrades your weapons, tools and armor – it is crucial that as much berry be collected to complete upgrades. However, be wary as there may be dangerous insects and spiders lurking among its roots!

Mint Case

In the Grounded map, close to the starting area and next to the strange machine from the first quest, there is a plastic container for mints. Although it appears to be a simple visual effect to emphasize your tiny size, it actually holds valuable loot. To extract the mints, you need to use a level two tool like the Insect Hammer. Breaking the mints requires fighting and exploring to collect the necessary resources. However, once you have everything, you can create the Mint Mace, which is currently the most powerful weapon in Grounded.

Grounded Map mint case


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