Soma Walkthrough: Whole Guide 2024

Soma Walkthrough: SOMA has no loading screens, however the level names display in the Main Menu’s Load Game option. This walkthrough is divided by level.

In SOMA, only the key characters will tell the main plot. Explore every inch of each location and interact with every note, photo, computer, black box, and intercom.

Before playing SOMA, check out the Tips & Tricks. SOMA features a few control tips, but it’s mostly learn-as-you-go.

Soma Walkthrough

Soma Walkthrough: All Levels

Simon’s Apartment

Soma Walkthrough: Whole Guide

Soma Walkthrough: The game starts at Simon’s apartment after a cutscene. Pick up the phone to discover your first goal. Drink the radioactive tracer fluid.


Soma Walkthrough: Subway is short. You may answer or ignore the call. Your coworker or supervisor is calling. Calling will give you further background.

Munshi’s Lab

Soma Walkthrough: You will reach Munshi’s Lab, your last stop. No one is present, however it doesn’t seem to be a lab. To light up the space, turn to the right and flip the switch.


Soma Walkthrough: Simon will awaken in an unfamiliar location after the brain scan. Step out of the chair and go to the distant, bright red light. To re-energize the room, interact with the switch.

Site Upsilon

Soma Walkthrough: Site Upsilon should now be under your station control. A robot attached to the WAU structure gel leaks will be lying on the floor. To turn on power, unplug the robot from the console.

Outside Upsilon

Soma Walkthrough: Whole Guide

Soma Walkthrough: You will be outside Upsilon when the Comm Station at Site Upsilon is attacked. Finding a shuttle to Lambda is your next task. Take the right fork of the underwater route. As soon as lights along the walkway begin to turn on automatically, you’ll know you’re moving to the right.

Upsilon Shuttle Station

Soma Walkthrough: The Upsilon Shuttle Station’s entrance is rather gloomy. Fortunately, you can now utilise a flashlight. The flashlight comes in extremely handy in the dark, but it will reveal your position if a creature is approaching.

Site Lambda

Soma Walkthrough: Catherine must be found in Site Lambda. A new creature roams this region, so be cautious. Don’t glance at your flashlight when crouching.

Catherine is on the left floor. She’ll give you her Cortex Chip after some conversation. Attach the Cortex Chip to the correct computer’s Omnitool.


Soma Walkthrough: The CURIE sinking ship has numerous decks and narrow, gloomy passageways. Enter via a hull breach. Climb the ladder and stairs to reach a sliding door. The entrance leads to steps that climb to a higher deck.

Site Delta

Soma Walkthrough: After the escape submersible of the CURIE crashes, this region starts. To leave the ship and explore Site Delta, interact with the door.

Outside Theta

Soma Walkthrough: Just outside of Theta, the zeppelin will land. Remove the Omnitool when Catherine has finished speaking, turn around, and go to the left. If you want additional background information, talk to the nearest intercom.

Theta Entrance

Soma Walkthrough: You ought to be at the Theta Entrance right now. You will need to break in manually since all of the doors are locked. The window on the right side of the door is the perfect place to throw an extinguisher you’ve just taken off the wall. Climb into the newly available chamber by leaping and crouching.

Theta Labs

Soma Walkthrough: To get to the Theta Labs, crawl via the air ducts from the Theta Entrance. There is a WAU connection in the first room you enter. If you need to recover your health, turn around and connect to the pod. Find a computer with an Omnitool up connection by scanning the room. In order to communicate with Catherine, place your Omnitool on the panel.

Theta Maintenance

Soma Walkthrough: Soon after tumbling down the elevator shaft, you will awaken. To get to Theta Maintenance, use the ladder. Enter the hallway by opening the door on the left. The Theta Labs monster will descend the stairs quickly and launch an assault. Given that a little cut scene begins to play following, it seems as if this is what is meant to happen.

Outside Omicron

Soma Walkthrough: You will end yourself in the water around Omicron after being flushed out of Theta Maintenance. You may data mine the adjacent deceased person’s black box before leaving.

Site Omicron

Soma Walkthrough: Many areas of Site Omicron will still be under lockdown even if you released the quarantine outside. As you go to the second level, go through the door on your right.

The Descent

Soma Walkthrough: You can make a deep Descent now that you have a new power suit. To reach a ladder that descends to a type of deep sea elevator, turn to the right and go a little distance. To turn on the transporter, place your Omnitool on the control panel. Pull the big lever to the left of the Onmitool after sliding the two controls to the right until the screen reads ACR: Descend and Passengers: 1.

Path to Tau

Soma Walkthrough: You are now in the ocean’s depths. Up until you reach Site Tau, everything will be a bit hazy. As usual, you may look around the nearby buildings to learn more history. Check the computer displays, black boxes, and intercoms.

Site Tau

Soma Walkthrough: Finally, you’ve reached Site Tau. The ARK is kept at this location. You may always investigate each room to listen to intercoms and find out more backstory.

Site Alpha

Soma Walkthrough: You were somewhat unprepared to find yourself at Site Alpha thanks to this strange human-like beast. To open a way further inside Alpha, move about, crouch, and slide doors.

Site Phi

Soma Walkthrough: Finally, you’ve reached Site Phi. Your first task is to collect the ARK since it came while you were managing Site Alpha. To turn the station back on, place the Omnitool on the nearest control panel. To get the ARK right away, go to the loading dock.


Soma Walkthrough: You may view what it’s like inside The ARK if you hold out until the credits have finished. Exit the cave by rising from the chair. At the terminal farther down the trail, you may complete one last survey. Go ahead and meet Catherine there. And SOMA is over at that point.

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