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Boom beach statues, Crystals, Statue Guide and More


Boom beach statues: A Sculptor creates a statue. Power Stones are needed to make these Statues.
The mysterious Power Stones are stolen by the black guard and kept in their base buildings. Kill enemy buildings to find them. The chance of finding these Power Stones is shown when you scout an enemy village. It is written as “Chance to get?” below the resources.

Boom beach statues

Boom beach statues

The Sculptor is a powerful addition to your arsenal. He or she is a skilled craftsman who makes magical statues that are full of powerful magic. When placed on your base, statues give you more abilities and stats. These bonuses range from small boosts to gathering resources to huge boosts to the firepower of Troops. They can make the difference between a complete victory and a crushing loss.



  • Power Stones come in four different kinds: Life, Ice, Magma, and Dark.
  • There are three stages to these Power Stones: Fragment, Shard, and Crystal.

Statue Guide

  • Statues of Idols can be bought back for 1 Shard.
  • For 1 Crystal, Guardian Statues can be taken back.
  • For 7 Power Powder, you can get back Masterpiece Statues.
  • You can’t place a Masterpiece Statue of the same kind that you already have. For example, if you have a “Troop Health +21%” Masterpiece statue, you won’t be able to place another “Troop Health” Masterpiece statue. You need to take back the Statue that is already there first. This only works for Masterpiece Statues that have the same type of Bonus. Putting down a Masterpiece Statue that says “Troop Health 21%” and another one that says “Troop Damage 20%” is not a problem.

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Power Stones

The Sculptor makes his works of art with Power Stones. They are given out when an attack goes well, as daily rewards, and in supply chests. There are three levels of Power Stones, and each level is used to make a different kind of statue.


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