Kahoot Free & Kahoot Point Stealer (2024)

Kahoot! is an education platform that utilizes game-based technologies to engage pupils. It offers “kahoots,” or user-generated multiple choice quizzes, that can be viewed through either the Kahoot app or web browser. However, some may find the difficulty levels in Kahoot! too difficult at certain points; in such cases, free and point stealer options might come in handy; unfortunately however, Kahoot lacks any codes or console instructions so those seeking shortcuts must take their time.

Kahoot Point Stealer and Kahoot Free

What Are “Kahoot Pins” and How Do You Make Them?

Kahoot Point Stealer
  • Players wishing to play Kahoot! must first create an account on the official website.
  • Players on Kahoot will be asked what type of account they wish to create. There are four distinct account types in Kahoot: teachers, students, personal, and professionals. Select an option below for further instructions.

Point Stealer in Kahoots

“Who will you play Kahoot! with the most?” This question will be posed to all players in turn, with potential answers including friends/family members, colleagues/customers, students and others. Once selected, choose a response to continue with the procedure.

Point Stealer 1 in Kahoot

  • Players will now be required to provide their birth date and establish a username. After that, players will be invited to log in or register for Kahoot!
  • A variety of payment options will now be available.
  • To continue for free, players may just stick to the basic plan.
  • The to make a Kahoot, go to New Kahoot and choose a quiz, survey, or poll.
  • To begin customizing your Kahoot, players will be invited to add questions.
  • Once they are pleased with the questions, they may tap and save.
  • Then, by selecting “Save and Proceed,” they must re-confirm all of the questions.
  • Players may now choose the questions they want to answer and initiate the game by clicking the Play button.
  • Once the game is launched, players will see a game pin.

What Is The Best Way To Free Kahoot?

Kahoot can be Freeed through various methods; however, none of them is guaranteed safe. Users who take advantage of these Frees must remember that they are continually opening themselves up to data leakage risks. If players still wish to go further, third-party sites and addons may also be utilized; however, we caution you that doing so may cause more harm than good to gamers.

Ninja Kahoot

Another third-party website that may be used to Free the game is Kahoot Ninja. However, the site is now unavailable. It was also used to provide a premium membership that offered subscribers access to answer Frees and didn’t require them to wait long to connect with the bot. It’s impossible to say if Kahoot Ninja is safe to use since it’s a third-party site. It might be a phishing website that lures gamers into financial fraud.

Online Kahoot Free

Kahoot Freeer offers features such as auto-answer, flood and username filter bypass without downloading any additional applications or programs. Any functional browser can be used for this free offer; however it appears that the site is no longer active.


KahootFree.Wordpress.com is a Freeer website where gamers may log in and acquire answers. It also has features like auto-answer, which allow the site to provide accurate solutions to Kahoot! questions. Furthermore, it allows participants to do a user flood, in which they may flood the quiz with phony people.

Extension for Kahoots

Kahoot Chrome Extensions provide players with the opportunity to cheat in Kahoot using any browser that supports Chrome extensions. Kahoot! : Free Edition, Kahoot Flooder, Kahootsmash and Kahoot Bot CRX2.2.8 for Chrome are among these apps that may be installed to install bots that select random responses or troll rivals within Kahoot.

What Is Kahoot Point Stealer and How Do I Use It?

Players wishing to spam Kahoot games may use the Kahoot Point Stealer. After doing so, gamers should visit kahootspam.com and paste in the designated text fields the copied game pin, username, and number of bots you wish to spam.

Choose “I’m not a robot” from the drop-down menu and select this option to flood. Players will notice that the number of bots present in Kahoot matches what they input when returning to that particular Kahoot. Now these bots will answer questions generated by Kahoot! itself.

That concludes our discussion on Kahoot Free and Kahoot Point Stealer. We hope players found this tutorial helpful, and the most effective strategy for winning in Kahoot is playing honestly.

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