Fallout new vegas hidden valley Layout and Bunker Location

Fallout new vegas hidden valley: Hidden Valley is a military base tucked between hills and rocks. It is about halfway between the New California Republic Correctional Facility (NCRCF) and Sloan. On the surface of the valley, there are a lot of bark scorpions. Underground, you can find the remains of the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, which used to live on HELIOS One before the NCR defeated them during Operation: Sunburst.

Fallout new vegas hidden valley

Fallout new vegas hidden valley: Layout

The Hidden Valley is a large basin east of Sloan, between Black Mountain and the NCR Correctional Facility. It’s easy to find because of the broken fence around it, the four separate bunkers buried in the sand, the working industrial fans, and the bark scorpions and larger radscorpions that sometimes eat them. There are four bunkers in all, and they are all along the four corners of the area. There is a big hole in the fence to the south-east, which leads to Scorpion Gulch and then the El Dorado Valley.

Four Brotherhood of Steel Paladins will leave the western bunker between 1:00 and 3:00 to go on a patrol. They will be hidden by the DERVISH camouflage system as they walk around the bunker until just before dawn.

East bunker

There are two skeletons on a sleeping mat with a bottle of wine and a suitcase in this old, broken-down bunker. This makes me think of a sad story. A campfire is also there. This bunker has an easy-to-lock door that hides 100 5mm rounds and anywhere from 20 to 24 5.56mm rounds.

West bunker

The hidden elevator to the facility is in the fourth bunker. A tree stump on top of the entrance makes it easy to find. The entrance hall isn’t very interesting, and the door to the bunker has a Very Hard lock to keep people out. This is how the player can get in:

  • You can open the door by picking the lock or using the passphrases on the dead Paladins’ holotapes, which you can find at REPCONN headquarters, Black Mountain, or in a ditch near Nellis Air Force Base. Still in the Dark starts right away, and the player has to deal with the Ranger to earn the Brotherhood’s trust.
  • Bringing Veronica Santangelo from the trading post in 188 with them.
  • Any faction’s story has to get far enough along for you to be asked to deal with the Brotherhood (eg. Wild Card: Side Bets).

North bunker

Aside from the one that leads to the installation, this may be the bunker in the best shape. It has old supplies that are lit by blue fluorescent lights and a door with an average lock that leads to two mini-nukes, a stimpak, and some 5.56 mm ammunition.

South Bunker

It is a mostly abandoned bunker that was just taken over by an NCR Ranger. He plans to turn it into a safehouse so he can keep an eye on the Interstate from the safety of the Hidden Valley. The camp has three grenade bouquets. Two of them can be found hanging from the ceiling in the entrance hallway, and the third is out of reach in the middle of the entrance room. In the entry room, there is also a sleeping pad, a sack, and a journal that says the bunker is being used as a safe house. The hard-locked door here leads to three ammo boxes, a mini-nuke hidden under a tin plate, a steam gauge assembly, and two pieces of scrap metal on the right, and frag grenades and 5.56mm rounds on the left.

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  • When you go into the south bunker, it will be empty unless the Still in the Dark quest is active. If it is, Ranger Dobson will appear near the campfire.
  • If you go into the Brotherhood’s bunker while wearing any kind of NCR armour, even if Veronica is there, the whole place will become hostile.
  • When you use the passphrase to get into the Brotherhood’s secure area, the NCR Ranger part of the Still in the Dark quest will start right away. All weapons and armour will be taken, but once the task is done, they will all be given back.
  • If the lock is picked, the Brotherhood soldiers won’t be hostile, but when you leave the bunker again, all of your friends will be locked inside. To get them back, you’ll have to open the Very Hard locked door again. The only other way to get them back is to finish the quest Still in the Dark.
  • If the self-destruction system goes off, the DERVISH camouflage system stops working and smoke comes up from the air shaft vents that are all over the bunkers.
  • Grenade bouquets hang from the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs and in the middle of the main room in the south bunker. The traps will be gone if you go into the bunker after getting the related task as part of Still in the Dark.
  • The inside of the Brotherhood’s bunker looks a lot like the inside of Fallout 3’s Raven Rock.
  • Four paladins from the Brotherhood of Steel will go on patrol every night between 1 AM and 3 AM. They will watch the area near the bunker until just before dawn. If the player character meets them as they leave the inner bunker, they will have to start the Still in the Dark quest, unless they have Veronica in their party. If the player character talks to them at this point, they will act as if they are already part of the Brotherhood. If the player character gets rid of Veronica now, the paladins will become hostile.


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