Dead Cells Update Brings Free Content from Classic Indie Games

Dead Cells Update: Pixel-art roguelike A free update adds Terraria, Hotline Miami, and other indie game content to Dead Cells.

Motion Twin’s indie roguelike Dead Cells has been updated with outfits, weaponry, and more from other indie games. The last Dead Cells upgrade included a boss rush mode, and this free content follows.

Dead Cells, a 2018 side-scrolling indie roguelike for PC and consoles by Motion Twin, draws heavily on The Binding of Isaac and Dark Souls. Dead Cells’ randomly created settings allow users to increase the Prisoner’s powers and weaponry. To finish Dead Cells, players must master its difficult, Dark Souls-inspired combat. Many gamers like Dead Cells’ difficult but fair fighting and the Breaking Barriers update’s accessibility features.

Dead Cells Update

Dead Cells Update

Motion Twin introduced six indie game-inspired costumes and weaponry to Dead Cells in the “Everyone is Here Vol. 2” update. This upgrade lets players fight Dead Cells’ mutant enemies using Slay the Spire, Hotline Miami, Katana Zero, Risk of Rain 2, Terraria, and Shovel Knight costumes and skills. After Shovel Knight Dig’s roguelike debut, adding him to Dead Cells feels apt

This Dead Cells update, announced with an action-packed teaser, promises to provide even more replayability to a game already full of content. Dead Cells has had indie cameos before. The first “Everyone is Here” update, released in April 2021, includes Hollow Knight and Blasphemous characters, among others.

Dead Cell’s distinctive graphic design, exciting gameplay, and post-launch features have kept the game current among roguelike aficionados four years after its debut. New Dead Cells material will continue till 2024, according to the update plan. Sebastien Benard’s pixelated, 2D firefighter platformer Nuclear Blaze is coming to consoles soon for gamers who find the game’s combat too difficult.

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