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The Mortuary Assistant, Indie horror game, will be made into a Film


The Mortuary Assistant by Brian Clarke/DreadXP has had some success in the independent horror industry and is now being optioned for a major motion picture.

Now is an excellent time to enjoy AAA and independent horror games. With horror games dominating Summer Game Fest and Gamescom, there’s clearly potential for digital spooks. The Mortuary Assistant, a tiny title made by Brian Clarke of Darkstone Digital, is now a movie.

Bloody Disgusting reports that filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp is engaged to adapt the game. Darkstone’s Brian Clarke and Ted Hentschke were EPs. At this moment, significant character actors are still being discussed. While film and TV adaptations of horror games don’t often work (season 2 of Netflix’s Resident Evil was shelved), it’s rare for an independent product to be optioned so soon after release.


The Mortuary Assistant: Storyline

The Mortuary Assistant

The Mortuary Assistant identifies devils. As the name implies, players embalm dead and prepare them for the next dimension. The player must determine which corpse is harbouring one of Hell’s fiends and cleanse the body. They’ll become possessed otherwise.
The Mortuary Assistant has several endings players might uncover. Despite being brief, the game has mythology and character background. It’s unclear whether the film will closely follow the game’s premise or have its own tale and characters in Clark’s gloomy universe. It sounds like a good twist on this indie hit.
Several horror games were shown at Gamescom 2022, including The Callisto Protocol, The Outlast Trials, Dead Island 2, and Killer Klowns From Outer Space. The genre is thriving in our period. The Mortuary Assistant movie should perform well.

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