Arkanian Star Wars 2024: Powers, Appearance and More

Arkanian Star Wars: The Arkanians were a species that looked a lot like humans and lived mostly on the frozen planet Arkania in the Perave system in the Colonies area of the galaxy.

Arkanian Star Wars: Appearance

Arkanians thought they were the most advanced species, so many of them were very proud. Arkanian scientists had been experts at manipulating genes for thousands of years. By the time of the Mandalorian Wars, the species had been split into many sub-species, making it hard to know what an Arkanian was at its most basic level. Most of them looked like humans, but the ones with the purest blood had white eyes and four claws on each hand.

Arkanian Star Wars

Arkanians could see in the infrared spectrum, and their eyes could pick up on sources of very high heat. This was helpful on their dark and cold homeworld, but when they went to other planets with hotter and younger suns, many of them had to wear blinders. Also, it wasn’t unusual for an Arkanian to improve themselves with cybernetics on the inside or outside.

It was also common for Arkanians to change their genes to make themselves better than “lesser” species. Because of this, even the slowest Arkanian was able to remember whole libraries of information and solve problems that even the most advanced supercomputers in the Galactic Empire had trouble with.

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Arkanians Powers

Arca Jeth, a Jedi Master who became famous during the Great Sith War, was one of the best-known Arkanians. His last mission was to protect the galaxy from the rise of the Krath cult. He had fought in many battles, such as against the Lorell Raiders and the Freedon Nadd Uprising. Master Jeth was respected by both the Jedi Order and the people of Arkania. He taught many people at his praxeum in the snow fields of Arkania.


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