How to make an Oak Fence in Minecraft (January 2023)

How to make an Oak Fence in Minecraft: To create a fence, insert 1 oak wood board into the first and third boxes of the crafting table, and 1 stick into the second box. Use the same placing method for the third row, then place it in your inventory.

In Minecraft Java version 0.2.0, fences were added. This simple and beginner-friendly short guide will cover all you need to know about Minecraft fences, including how to make them.

When you’re starting out in a new environment, one of the first things you’ll need to build is a fence. Fences are quite useful in farming in the game and are found on almost all farm buildings, big and small.

How to make fence in minecraft

Furthermore, fences have always served as essential ornamental elements in golf. The simple fence, which comes in eight distinct types, is popular among builders because of its one-of-a-kind appearance.

Materials Needed to Build a Fence:

For the construction of a fence, you will need 4 wood planks (any sort) and 2 sticks.

Wood planks can be readily crafted by dropping any piece of wood in the 2×2 crafting menu as follows (4 wood planks per woodblock):

In any crafting menu, you can produce sticks like this by stacking one wood plank on top of another (two planks will provide four sticks):

How to Build a Minecraft Fence

  • Step-1 Interact with a crafting table to see a crafting table menu; this guide covers how to create a crafting table in more detail.
How to make fence in minecraft
  • Step-2 In the crafting table menu, arrange 2 sticks and 4 wood planks in the precise formation shown below.
How to make fence in minecraft
  • Step-3 Simply click and drag the fence from the crafting table into your own inventory.

How can you make various types of fences in Minecraft?

Different sorts of wood planks can be used in the fence-making process to change the fence’s appearance. Please note that the recipe must always utilize the same sort of wood. Do not combine multiple types of wood in the crafting recipe, as this will result in no output.
A birch fence, for example, is made from birch wood, as shown:

  • Birch (seen above), oak, acacia, nether brick, jungle, crimson, dark oak, nether brick, and warped are some of the ence types.
  • To make any of the aforementioned fences, follow the above methods, substituting the desired wood planks for each wood block in the recipe. To make a jungle wood fence, for example, utilize jungle wood planks.
  • Use crimson planks, nether brick, or warped planks instead of the identical recipe above to make crimson, nether brick, or warped fences.

Fence’s Best Uses in Minecraft:

Mobs are commonly encircled or trapped by fences. This is because they cannot be leaped over, making farming and breeding of animals in the game simple.

Minecraft fence designs:

The graphic below depicts all fence kinds in Minecraft, including oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, nether brick, and warped fences displayed from left to right.


In the present state of Minecraft, fences are an absolutely necessary block that will immensely aid you in your quest. They are not only exceedingly cheap to build, but they also have unique mechanics that no other block in the game has, making them an important part of mob farms.

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