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SF5 tier list 2023 Street Fighter V (Best Characters)


We provided a thorough Street Fighter V Tier List ( SF5 tier list ), ranking characters from S-Tier (strongest) to D-Tier (weakest), according to their overall strength, potential, and matchup against other characters. Top characters in S-Tier include Akuma, Urien Rashid Karin Ibuki with updates balancing changes as well as any newly introduced characters such as Akira being highlighted for each Tier with respect to her strengths / weakness / playstyle such as having excellent damage output with strong mix up potential.

Understanding the Tier List

Before exploring the Tier List in detail, it’s essential to comprehend its definition. A sf5 Tier List is a ranking system used to rank characters based on strength in games such as sf5 tier list. In its classification system, characters range from S-Tier (the strongest) to D-Tier (the weakest).

SF5 tier list 2023 Street Fighter V (Best Characters)
SF5 tier list 2023 Street Fighter V (Best Characters)

Street Fighter V ( sf5 Tier List )

Below is an in-depth Tier List for Street Fighter V, ranking each character based on their overall strength, potential, and the matches ups they face against other characters.


  • Akuma
  • Urien
  • Rashid
  • Karin
  • Ibuki


  • Cammy
  • Necalli
  • Zeku
  • Menat
  • Guile
  • Balrog
  • Abigail


  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • Akira
  • Vega
  • Juri
  • Chun-Li
  • M. Bison


  • Dhalsim
  • Alex
  • Laura
  • Falke
  • Sakura
  • Kage


  • F.A.N.G
  • Ed

Please keep in mind that the sf5 Tier List June change with updates, balance changes and new characters being introduced into the game.

S-Tier Characters:

Akuma – Akuma is widely considered one of the strongest characters in Street Fighter 5, boasting impressive damage outputs, mobility and an arsenal of tools available at his disposal. Mastering Akuma requires considerable skill.


Urien – Urien is an all-around performer who excels both offensively and defensively, featuring exceptional offensive and defensive skills as well as combination potential that makes his combos difficult to break apart or punish him with. He makes him difficult for opponents to predict or outwit.

Rashid – Rashid is an agile and mobile character with great pressure- and mix-up potential who excels at quickly closing distance between themselves and opponents. One of his strongest abilities lies in doing just this.

Karin Karin offers superior normals, damage output, and versatility when it comes to mix-up potential that keeps opponents guessing. Furthermore, her presence provides plenty of distraction potential that keeps opponents away from her side of the battlefield.


Ibuki – Ibuki is an unpredictable character with considerable room for maneuver. She comes prepared with many tools which make her difficult to anticipate during combat situations, making Ibuki an unpredictable foe in any fight scene.

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A-Tier Characters:

Cammy – Cammy is an agile and mobile character with outstanding pressure- and mix-up-potential who proves difficult to punish while offering great damage output.

Necalli – Necalli is an exceptionally powerful character with excellent damage output who is adept at dealing with his opponents zoning effectively.

Zeku – Zeku is an adaptable character who has great mix-up potential, switching seamlessly between two distinct stances to keep his opponents guessing and guessing He offers excellent strategic versatility.

Menat is an exceptional zoner who excels at keeping opponents at bay with her great mobility and the ability to easily deal with pressure applied by rivals.

Guile is an adept zoner that excels at keeping his opponents at bay with great defensive options that allow him to quickly punish their missteps and errors. He offers several powerful penalties against opponents when mistakes do arise something few other characters are capable of doing as effectively.

Balrog – Balrog is an impressive character who excels at damage output while simultaneously being adept at controlling space effectively.

B-Tier Characters:

Ryu – Ryu is an all-purpose character who boasts excellent normals and can effectively deal with his opponents’ pressure, making him a good pick for players looking for more fundamental approaches to play.

Ken – Ken shares many similarities with Ryu but boasts more mobility and mix-up potential, making him ideal for players looking for aggressive gameplay.

Akira – Street Fighter V’s Akira character boasts outstanding damage output, is capable of withstanding opponents’ pressure well, has great combo potential and should make for an attractive option to those seeking aggressive gameplay.

Vega – Vega is an extremely mobile character who excels at controlling space effectively, has excellent combo potential, and can effectively mitigate his opponent’s pressure.

Juri – Juri is an impressive character with great capacity for deceitful play, who possesses many tools at her disposal to keep opponents guessing and bewildered.

Chun-Li is an all-purpose character who boasts great mobility, can control space well, has impressive normals and makes an outstanding option for players seeking more fundamental playstyles.

M. Bison is an extraordinary character with great pressure and mix-up potential, difficult to punish while producing massive damage output.

C-Tier Characters:

Dhalsim – Dhalsim excels at keeping his opponents at bay through effective zoning strategies, with excellent mobility yet capable of dealing with rushdown characters without difficulty. However, rushdown characters pose more of a problem to Dhalsim than his opponent can manage.

Alex – Alex offers outstanding damage output and mix-up potential, making him an excellent option for players who like playing aggressively.

Laura is an excellent character for mixing-and-matching but can sometimes struggle when trying to zone specific characters. With excellent damage output and mobility, Laura provides great potential mix-up opportunities in battle.

Falke – Falke is an effective zoner who boasts great range. She excels at combatting rushdown characters but May struggle with dealing with pressure effectively from opponents. Falke’s combo potential and pressure tolerance also makes her standout among her rivals.

Sakura – Sakura is an all-round character who excels at mobility and space control, offering great combo potential as well as effectively dealing with opponents’ pressure. She excels at counteracting their pressure effectively.

Kage – Kage is an exceptional attacker with excellent damage output and mobility, yet June struggle when trying to zone characters and has limited defensive options available to him.

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D-Tier Characters:

F.A.N.G – F.A.N.G is an intriguing character with great mix-up potential but struggles against opponents’ pressure, limited combo potential and can be challenging to play successfully.
Ed is an unorthodox character with limited mix-up potential and defensive options, often struggling to zone characters off, as well as limited combo potential.


Understanding the Tier List is vital for players looking to enhance their gameplay in Street Fighter V. The Tier List serves as a ranking system that evaluates characters in terms of strength in-game and can assist players in making informed choices when choosing characters from it. By studying strengths and weaknesses for every character on their roster, players can create strategies designed to take advantage of opponents’ weakness to win more matches overall.

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