SF5 tier list 2024 Street Fighter V (Best Characters)

At Playground Gaming we created an in-depth Street Fighter V Tier List (SF5 Tier List), categorizing characters into Tiers S (strongest) to D (weakest), depending on their overall strengths, potential, and matchup with other characters. Top characters of Tier S include Akuma, Urien Rashid Karin Ibuki as well as newly introduced ones such as Akira who boast both excellent damage output with strong mix up potential!

Understanding Tier List

Prior to delving deeper into a Tier List, it’s essential that we gain an understanding of its definition. A Tier List in games such as SF5 Tier List is used as a ranking system used to classify characters based on strength; S-Tier characters (the strongest) range from S-Tier up through D-Tier characters (the weakest).

SF5 tier list 2023 Street Fighter V (Best Characters)
SF5 tier list 2024 Street Fighter V (Best Characters)

Street Fighter V ( sf5 Tier List )

Below is an in-depth Tier List for Street Fighter V, ranking each character based on their overall strength, potential, and the matches ups they face against other characters.


  • Akuma
  • Urien
  • Rashid
  • Karin
  • Ibuki


  • Cammy
  • Necalli
  • Zeku
  • Menat
  • Guile
  • Balrog
  • Abigail


  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • Akira
  • Vega
  • Juri
  • Chun-Li
  • M. Bison


  • Dhalsim
  • Alex
  • Laura
  • Falke
  • Sakura
  • Kage


  • F.A.N.G
  • Ed

Please keep in mind that the sf5 Tier List August change with updates, balance changes and new characters being introduced into the game.

S-Tier Characters:

Akuma – Akuma is widely considered one of the strongest characters in Street Fighter 5, boasting impressive damage outputs, mobility and an arsenal of tools at his disposal. Mastering Akuma requires great skill.

Urien – Urien is an all-around performer, possessing outstanding offensive and defensive abilities and combination potential that make his combos difficult for opponents to break apart or punish; making his game hard for them to predict or outwit.

Rashid – Rashid is an agile and mobile character with great pressure- and mix-up potential who excels at quickly closing distance between themselves and opponents – one of his strengths lies precisely here.

Karin provides superior normals, damage output, and mix-up potential that keeps opponents guessing. Furthermore, her presence provides plenty of distraction potential that keeps enemies away from her side of the battlefield.

Ibuki – Ibuki is an unpredictable character with great scope for manoeuvre. She comes equipped with numerous weapons which makes her hard to predict during combat situations; making Ibuki an unpredictable adversary in any fight scene.

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A-Tier Characters:

Cammy – Cammy is an agile and mobile character with superior pressure-and-mix-up-potential. As such, they prove difficult to punish while offering significant damage output.

Necalli – Necalli is an extremely powerful character with excellent damage output who excels at dealing with his opponents’ zone strategies effectively.

Zeku is an adaptable character who boasts great mixing-up potential, seamlessly switching between two distinct stances to keep his opponents guessing and bewildered. Zeku provides excellent strategic versatility.

Menat is an exceptional zoner who excels at disarming her opponents through superior mobility and the ability to easily absorb any pressure applied by rivals.

Guile is an adept zoner who excels at keeping his opponents at bay with powerful defensive options that quickly punish any missteps and errors by his foes. When mistakes do arise, few other characters have such effective penalties available against their rivals as Guile can.

Balrog – Balrog is an outstanding character who excels at damage output while simultaneously controlling space effectively.

B-Tier Characters:

Ryu – Ryu is an all-purpose character with great normals who is adept at handling pressure from his opponents, making him an excellent option for players seeking more fundamental approaches to play.

Ken – Ken shares many similarities with Ryu, yet offers greater mobility and mix-up potential, making him ideal for players seeking out aggressive gameplay.

Street Fighter V’s Akira character offers impressive damage output, can withstand opponent pressure effectively and is known for possessing tremendous combo potential, making her an appealing option to players seeking aggressive gameplay.

Vega – As one of the more mobile characters, Vega excels at controlling space efficiently while boasting impressive combo potential and successfully mitigating his opponent’s pressure.

Juri – Juri is an impressive character known for her deceitful ways and holds many tools at her disposal to keep opponents guessing and confused.

Chun-Li is an all-purpose character, boasting great mobility, excellent space control capabilities and impressive normals that makes her an outstanding option for players seeking more fundamental playstyles.

M. Bison is an extraordinary character with unfathomable pressure and mix-up potential who proves very difficult to punish while unleashing tremendous amounts of damage output.

C-Tier Characters:

Dhalsim excels at using effective zoning strategies to keep his opponents at bay through mobility while being capable of handling rushdown characters without difficulty – however they often present greater problems to Dhalsim himself than to his adversary.

Alex offers incredible damage output and mix-up potential, making him a fantastic option for players who enjoy taking an aggressive approach when it comes to gaming.

Laura is an excellent character for mixing-and-matching but can sometimes struggle when trying to zone specific characters. With high damage output and mobility, Laura presents plenty of chances for creative strategy battle strategies.

Falke – Falke is an effective zoner with great range. She excels at stopping rushdown characters but may struggle coping with pressure from opponents effectively. Falke stands out among her rivals due to her combo potential and pressure tolerance capabilities.

Sakura – Sakura is an all-around character who excels at mobility and space control, offering great combo potential while being adept at dealing with opponents’ pressure effectively. She excels at counteracting opponents’ pressure effectively to maintain an upper edge over opponents.

Kage – Kage is an outstanding attacker with exceptional damage output and mobility; however, August has difficulty when trying to zone characters effectively as well as limited defensive options available to him.

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D-Tier Characters:

F.A.N.G – F.A.N.G is an intriguing character with great mix-up potential but struggles against opponents’ pressure, limited combo potential and can be challenging to play successfully.
Ed is an unorthodox character with limited mix-up potential and defensive options, often struggling to zone characters off, as well as limited combo potential.


Understanding the Tier List is vital for players looking to enhance their gameplay in Street Fighter V. The Tier List serves as a ranking system that evaluates characters in terms of strength in-game and can assist players in making informed choices when choosing characters from it. By studying strengths and weaknesses for every character on their roster, players can create strategies designed to take advantage of opponents’ weakness to win more matches overall.

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