PDF to Excel Converter: For Windows, Mac, Android, and online

PDF to Excel Converter: The finest PDF to Excel converters output tables and data reliably. Most of the top PDF editors, online and offline, can convert file types. This means you can extract and import data to Excel without copying and pasting or load it by hand.

The finest PDF to Excel converters facilitate conversions without losing formatting, especially when dealing with many files.

We’re checking PDF to Excel converters to help you choose the ideal solution for you, your company, and your budget. We looked at how well each tool worked with different platforms, how it handled batch processing, how safe it was, and how well it made XLS files. We’ve also looked at each service’s security for data consent standards.

Best PDF to Excel Converter

1. Adobe Acrobat DC


  • Cross-platform
  • extensive attributes
  • simple to use
  • Secure


  • Subscription-only

Adobe created PDF, thus their Acrobat programme should be the finest PDF to Excel converter. It’s packed with potential, including the ability to convert PDFs to Excel-compatible XLSX files.

The procedure should be rapid and pleasant, without data reformatting. Open the PDF file you wish to export in Adobe Acrobat, click Export PDF, pick Excel Workbook or.xlsx, then export. This works on a mobile phone.

Once finished, you may modify spreadsheet tables on any device. This should also work with scanned OCR data, and you may choose which data to convert instead of exporting the full table from.pdf to.xlxs.

Acrobat can create, edit, export, sign, and review collaborative documents. Including PDF-exported spreadsheets.

2. Nitro PDF Pro


  • supports all file types used by Microsoft Office.
  • Internet-based platform
  • 14-day risk-free trial


  • needs you to sign up

Nitro provides a full-featured, efficient software platform for converting PDF to Excel. Nitro says their solution can convert PDFs to Microsoft Office formats in seconds.

The programme lets you modify PDF pictures, text, and pages and export them to Excel. PDF documents may be digitally signed like Adobe files.

This cloud-based software lets you edit documents from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. You may combine numerous PDFs into one searchable document and simply distribute and read files.

Nitro Pro targets small companies and individuals, whereas Nitro Productivity Platform targets organisations.

3. PDFelement


  • features for editing and annotating
  • OCR assistance
  • iOS mobile application


  • Not a cheap choice

PDFelement has several capabilities, such the finest PDF to Excel converters. It’s meant for professionals that edit, convert, create, and annotate PDFs.

It’s accessible on Windows, Mac, and iOS, so you can convert and edit documents on-the-go. Having materials on your phone before a meeting might be helpful.

PDFelement’s built-in OCR function lets you annotate and sign PDFs. Like UniPDF, it preserves crucial document elements during conversion.

Embedded tables in a PDF document will presumably be translated to an Excel spreadsheet.

PDF to Excel Converter

4. PDFZilla


  • supports 20 or more languages
  • Mode of batch conversion


  • accessible only on Windows

Most of the top PDF to Excel conversion programmes are only accessible in English, which is inconvenient for worldwide companies. Language problem? PDFZilla.

This programme supports over 20 languages, including German, French, Italian, and Spanish. The programme is quick and simple to use, converting PDFs in three clicks.

One platform can convert PDFs to Excel, Word, Plain Text, Rich Text, JPG, GIF, PNG, and more. Batch conversion lets you convert up to 1,000 files at once. Only Windows is backed.

5. SmallPDF


  • Affordable
  • Numerous file formats are backed
  • Easy-to-use


  • The monthly fee for offline mode is $2 more.

SmallPDF is another useful PDF utility. It can convert PDFs to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

It’s cloud-based for optimal convenience, enabling you to access PDF conversion through the internet from anywhere (if you’re online). There’s also an offline app (for Windows and Mac PCs).

SmallPDF compresses, merges, splits, and adds e-signatures. This solution deletes refined files an hour later, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive company data falling into the wrong hands.

SmallPDF’s cost isn’t obvious, therefore users must test it first. Cost is reasonable.

How to choose the best PDF to Excel Converter

Your PDF editing requirements will determine the best PDF to Excel converter for you. If you merely need to convert PDF data to Excel, one of these cheap methods may be enough.

If you edit PDF files often, a free PDF reader with Excel conversion tools is better. A complete PDF editor is best for making major PDF edits.

If you just need to view PDFs, you’ll find Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS PDF readers.

Some, like Adobe, only offer subscription-based plans, not outright ownership. So, consider your budget and how well the tool meets your needs.

Consider where you’ll use your PDF to Excel converter. Some support Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, while others are OS-specific. Others are online-only converters, so you’ll need an internet connection.

PDF to Excel Converter: what is it?

Excel converters Save PDF data into XLSX for easier editing in Excel.

PDF is a easy format for presenting data across platforms and devices. PDF editors lack Excel’s number-crunching capabilities.

Excel to PDF converters may transform edited data back into a PDF file.

Best PDF-to-Excel converters tested

We downloaded, installed, and utilised all of the applications in our tutorial to compare them. Using a series of PDF files, we checked how each converter handled different data types and how they looked in the generated spreadsheet.

We looked at each program’s other functions in addition to PDF-to-XLSX conversion. We compared price, subscriptions, and free and trial versions (where available).

As part of this, we checked the tool’s interface design and user-experience to guarantee both casual and power-users could easily utilise the PDF to Excel converter. We checked price to see whether the programme was a good bargain.

We checked each developer’s documentation and support options.

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