PDF to Word: Best Free Converters in 2024 New Update

PDF to Word: Find free PDF to Word converters to create word processor-friendly files. The top free converters prioritise speed and range.

Most PDF conversion software can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other Office apps (and back again). Very rapidly. Efficiency matters. Everyone in your company may access PDF to Word converters.

PDF editors are one of the most common methods to convert files. If you’re a power-user, consider Adobe Acrobat.

Free PDF editors and PDF-to-Word converters are available online. File size and conversion constraints make them fit for casual users. Pick a document, select the output, and load the file for storing and sharing. We’ve tried the finest free converters to see how they work.

2024’S Top Free PDF to Word Converters

1. PDF Candy


  • Free with a variety of plans
  • A complete set of tools for editing and converting PDFs
  • Amazingly simple to use


  • Free version has a task curb of one per hour

PDF Candy is a simple PDF-to-Word converter. A simple design makes finding easy, and the service can convert PDFs with one click.

On PDF Candy’s webpage, you may immediately start converting. Scroll down for PDF to Word (and vice versa) and PDF to DOCX conversion solutions (and, again, vice versa).

Choose format. Upload your file from your desktop, DropBox, or Google Drive. Automatic conversion begins. Download or upload to cloud storage. It’s a breeze.

PDF Candy doesn’t only convert PDF to Word. 19 ‘convert to PDF’ solutions support pictures, Office, and eReader formats. PDF conversion includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and OCR.

It includes 47 utilities, from PDF compressors to watermarking. This PDF editor’s broad toolset won it a spot on our list.

The service “simplifies and streamlines online PDF editing and conversion, while throwing in lots of other capabilities you didn’t realise you needed”

2. WPS PDF to Word Converter


  • papers are split and combined
  • conversion in batches
  • keeps the original layout


  • limit of five pages

WPS PDF to Word Converter is perfect for converting batches of PDFs to Word while retaining formatting. It’s Windows, Android, and internet. In our Windows 10 test, this product kept photos, tables, colours, and non-standard fonts, as well as layout and spacing.

Splitting and joining PDF portions may be difficult. With the WPS PDF converter, you can convert the pages you want, arrange them anyway you like, and output a new document with your original formatting and style.

3. Wondershare PDFElement


  • Excellent for PDFs with plenty of images
  • Numerous file formats are supported
  • document security


  • limit of five pages

Create, convert, edit, and sign PDFs using this free tool. It runs on Windows and Mac and contains a full-featured word processor, like MS Word, that allows you control over documents, text, and photos. You may add comments anywhere in a file, have someone evaluate and sign it, and share it with colleagues.

This programme included sophisticated capabilities not seen in other free PDF to Word converters. You may secure portions of your document so only authorised recipients can read it, and you can download an app for iOS and Android to convert PDFs on the move.

PDF to Word

4. Nitro PDF to Word Converter


  • Simple to use and learn
  • develops, modifies, and transforms
  • Examine and make notes on documents


  • monthly conversions are just five.

With Nitro PDF converter, you may upload batches of files, but your converted files are sent to you. The 14-day trial only allows five conversions each month. This constraint, along with the fact that it only works on Windows, severely limits the product’s usefulness.

This free PDF converter properly transforms text but distorts graphics. Your final document may include odd gaps or line breaks. These flaws are minor and may be fixed manually unless you’re converting big volumes of files.

5. UniPDF


  • rather nicely kept images
  • A compact, light app


  • lost some text formatting
  • three pages maximum

This free PDF to Word converter for Windows avoids upload and download difficulties associated with internet solutions. Since the programme operates from your own terminal, you don’t have to trust sensitive data to a third party. UniPDF is a lightweight, fast PDF to Word converter. Free plan lacks batch and limitless conversions.

UniPDF’s conversion accuracy is lacking. Sometimes translated text is much smaller than the original, and columns overlap. UniPDF is suitable for basic PDF-to-Word conversions.

Buying Advice FOR Free PDF to Word Converters

How to choose the ideal free PDF to Word converter?

Consider your conversion demands before choosing the finest free PDF-to-Word converter.

Modern browsers are the finest free PDF readers, but they only highlight and save. They can’t convert.

Choose a bulk converter if you’re converting several files. Image-heavy PDF conversion? Choose a high-quality app. If you wish to convert sensitive documents, use a local converter.

Who will convert PDFs to Word? If your company uses Microsoft 365 applications, you need a quick-and-easy converter that can run all major programmes. An online converter may be better for wider accessibility. If just some departments routinely use PDFs, a PDF editor may be preferable.

Free PDF to Word converters frequently restrict what you can do and how often you can do it. If the additional workload is fruitful, budget for an update or paid conversion.

Can PDFs be converted to Word using a PDF editor?

Most PDF editors provide converting features. They also provide OCR and eSign software. They all convert to common filetypes, with some platform-specific variants, such as PDF to JPG. You may discover free PDF to Word converters that specialise on document conversion across a wide pool of formats – generally browser-based, not downloaded software.

PDF to Word converter: What is it?

PDF to Word converters convert PDFs to editable docx files in Microsoft Word. This increases access to your organization’s documents. You can modify PDFs without a PDF editor.

PDFs are difficult to edit. To develop a standardised document that looks the same on every device. When editing PDFs, you require special software. Using the best free PDF to Word converter is a workaround for Microsoft Word.

How do we evaluate the top free PDF to Word converter?

When we tested the top free converters, we looked at their keep up systems and if they could be downloaded.

If the software could be downloaded and installed locally, we timed it. We examined the PDF converter’s daily throughput and text and picture quality. The spacing and organisation of the final results were examined.

We looked for sophisticated features like document protection, annotation, and signature. All incentives, but conversion remained a priority. We needed a user interface and experience that wouldn’t make us detest PDF converting if we did it every day at work.

We made sure free meant free. No secret fees. Free-tier limits and updates should be explicitly noted.

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