Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager (Full Guide) 2023

Lost Ark The Fermatas’ True Manager: Do You Want to Know More? A Real Fermatas Boss? If you’re looking for information about The Fermata’s True Manager’s Lost Ark, you’ve found it.

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About Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager

The search for a larger Fermata must be accomplished before Una may begin her work as the Fermata’s true manager and take care of the Fermata’s maintenance. During its two completions, Fermata’s Maintenance may be used twice. After then, you may get Farmata’s Security.

Lost Ark The Fermatas True Manager (Full Guide) 2023

A total of 10 Unas will be rewarded upon successful Task completion. Completing a certain amount of Una’s Tasks unlocks a new set of goodies and allows you to progress to the next level.

Mission: Rewarding Una, the Real Manager of the Fermatas

  • When your reputation reaches 20/30, you’ll get access to Tier 1 of “For The Fermata’s Maintenance.”
  • To finish Tier 1 of “For the Fermata’s Safety,” you must earn 30/30 reputation in-game. In exchange for completing Tier 1, you will get 7,000 pirate coins.
  • When your reputation with the Fermata reaches level 40, you will unlock Tier 2 of “For the Fermata’s Safety.” Once you reach this level, you will get 10,000 pirate coins and five times as much high-quality timber.
  • The third and final tier of ‘For the Fermata’s Safety’ is completed after your reputation has reached 80/80. After completing the last ‘For Fermata’s safety’ tier, you will get Masterpiece#28 and 19,000,000 Pirate Coins.

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Details Regarding the Fermata’s Real Manager

Every aspect of the Lost Ark is described in this article. The Real Administrator of Fermata.

Fermata’s True Manager Description

  • The manager of the in-game shipyard where we are now working on the Fermata has asked me to fulfil a request.
  • It would seem that the ship is now undergoing maintenance or repairs. What was it like for you to travel there as an explorer and make a contribution to the quickening of the repairs?
  • Who really knows; they may be affected by what you’ve done for them and offer you with fantastic rewards.
  • You should go to the Fermata if you are interested at this time.

Story of the Fermata Manager worth twenty points

  • Citizen Who is on the Fermata’s side?
  • You would have been an invaluable asset to the crew of the Fermata had you been there.
  • They are unable to stop complimenting the effort you do in-game.
  • I ask that you please maintain your excellent effort in assisting other people.

The Fermata Safety Guard is worth a total of 50 points.

The citizen who is genuinely responsible for ensuring the safety of the Fermata
Because you put forth the effort to completely fix her, and the Fermata has now successfully completed the in-game safety check.
The crew of the ship cannot stop admiring the excellent job you did on the game.
Kindly continue doing such a wonderful job of assisting other people.

80 Points for Being the Honorary Manager of the Fermata

The Honorary Manager of the Fermata System
Because to your efforts, the Fermata has gained a reputation for being a wonderful and secure location, and as a result, she is now struggling to accommodate all of the visitors who have come to visit.
Your in-game effort has received nothing but praise from the crew of the ship.
I couldn’t be more proud of you. Good work!

How To Unlock The Fermata True Manager Lost Ark?

Watch this video for the key that will open the hidden chest housing the true manager of Fermata.

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