Mega Cloud Storage Review: How true to its name is Mega?

Mega Cloud Storage Review: As the brainchild of eccentric computer entrepreneur Kim Dotcom (who also created Megaupload), Mega’s major allure is its built-in security features (including the free one that comes with a whopping 20GB).
End-to-end encryption and GitHub source code publication allow for security audits. For Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux, Mega offers cross-platform solutions.

Mega Cloud Storage Review: features

Mega balances functionality with simplicity, operating on most devices. You may monitor individual folders and upload files using the online interface. Any size file may be uploaded, as long as you keep under your limit, and the service supports versioning to retrieve older documents.
Mega has file sharing built in. It has the option to include the encryption key with the connection, which is easy, or to send it separately, over a distinct channel, which will impress security-conscious users but not the majority. Passwords and expiration dates may safeguard links.

Mega Cloud Storage Review: interface

Its’s website is sleek. Everything is well-organized and easy to use, whether you’re uploading files or checking your account. The web app lets you view media, documents, etc. in your browser. Sharing files and folders is easy, making it one of the most user-friendly cloud storage systems we’ve seen.

Along with the browser, MegaSync is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Like the web interface, the desktop client is tidy and well-organized for monitoring folders and synchronising data like Dropbox. You may sync your whole Mega cloud vault or individual files and folders.

Mega’s extensions, from a Thunderbird add-on to a command line interface, are also excellent. This cloud storage service was established by tech-enthusiasts, as seen by its integrated, encrypted conversation platform, MegaChat.


Mega Cloud Storage Review: security

Mega’s security draws consumers. The platform is end-to-end secured, so not even Mega can read your data. If you forget your password, you can’t access your data (you must confirm this before creating an account).

There is a recovery key in your account, but you should write it down somewhere for protection. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security measure we want to see. Mega takes privacy and security seriously at every level.

Mega Cloud Storage Review: pricing

Users may join up for a free tier from Mega, without inputting any credit card information, and continue on this free plan indefinitely since it offers 15GB of ‘basic’ storage and a ‘restricted’ file transfer limit that fluctuates dynamically dependent on Mega’s spare capacity. Extra space, up to 50 GB, may be obtained by referring friends or downloading mobile applications, but it expires.

The paid tier costs €4.99 a month for 400GB of storage and 1TB of file transfers. The highest tier costs €29.99 a month for 16TB of storage and 16TB of file transfers. Business accounts with enhanced user management capabilities cost €10 (about $12 or £9) per month per user.


It appeals to privacy- and security-conscious consumers. Having used the numerous applications and functions, it’s simple to tell how user-friendly the service is. Mega caters to beginners and expert users with features including encrypted chat and a command line interface.

Extra user control capabilities, encrypted chat, and file sharing with non-Mega users appeal to corporate users. Mega offers a simple, easy-to-use UI with many capabilities. Mega doesn’t have the breadth of other cloud services, but it’s cheaper and has better security.

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