RH2 The Journey Codes (May 2024): All Beta Codes

RH2 The Journey Codes (May 2024): Our list of codes for RH2 The Journey offers up to date codes that can be redeemed for exclusive in game items. RH2 The Journey is a basketball game on Roblox created by BAX Studio that immerses players into life as a basketball player and works hard towards greatness. Players have the power to customize their Roblox basketball player based on appearance, court position, height/weight/dominant hand as well as select attributes which allow for specialization within certain areas and participating in competitive matches against other players to showcase your talents!

RH2 The Journey Codes

RH2 The Journey Codes (May 2024)

All working codes are provided here below:

SaintPatricksDay_rhc5K RHC (NEW!)
SaintPatricksDay_resetReset Token (NEW!)
twitterCode_rhc65K RHC
twitterCode_reset6Reset Token
thanksFor30Mil_RHC8K RHC
thanksFor30Mil_resetReset Token
thanksFor20Mil8K RHC
journeyPassBoostJourney Pass Tokens
thanksFor40KMembers4K RHC
thanksFor60KFavs6K RHC

Expired Codes

ThankYouForTheSupport2,000 RHC
ThanksFor2Mil5,000 RHC
RH2TheDelay1,000 Coins
Sorry4DelayRHC250 Coins
Sorry4DelayResetToken1 Build Reset Token
Sorry4DelayUpgradePoints10 Free Upgrade Points
DAMNRELRH2 Delay Shirt
Likes1kresetslot1Reset slot 1
Likes1kresetslot2Reset slot 2
Likes1kresetslot3Reset slot 3
visits200k5,000 Coins

How Can I redeem RH2 The Journey Codes?

To redeem codes for RH2 The Journey, follow these steps:

  • Open Roblox and launch RH2 The Journey.
  • Click on the Codes button.
  • Select a code from the options provided above and copy it.
  • Paste copied code into the designated place.
  • Click on Redeem button to receive your freebies.

How Can I get More Codes for RH2 The Journey?

One of the easiest and fastest ways to acquire new codes is by regularly consulting this guide, as we actively update it with any newly released or added codes.

Keep informed by following the official Roblox Group or joining their Discord server. Developers frequently release new codes through social media platforms, making this method of finding them highly reliable.

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