Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts: What Attachments?

Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts: The SMG game is what the new Call of Duty is all about, thus acquiring the Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts is crucial. According to the new progressive gunsmith choices, the FSS Hurricane is related to the M4, which may be why it’s dominating the meta. So, speed demon? Here are MW2’s top FSS Hurricane loadouts.

Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts

Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts

The inner M4 has a sleek, strong body and a gorgeous iron sight, so your weapon-optimization choices are clear. You may start using the upgrades without compensating optics, lasers, ammunition, or magazines.

Through the barrel and muzzle choices, you may adjust the FSS Hurricane’s recoil without sacrificing speed. This finest FSS Hurricane Modern Warfare 2 loadout improves ADS and Sprint to Fire timings, making it a Captain Price special.

Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts: What Attachments?
BarrelFSS Cannonade 16″
MuzzleXTEN Razor Compensator
UnderbarrelVX Pineapple Vert Grip
Rear GripXTEN Grip
StockDemo Quicksilver Collapsed

Advantages and Equipment for Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts

Modern Warfare 2 requires more speed than previous games. Double Time and Scavenger are common Perk 1 combinations, while Quick Fix is vital for SMG gamers.

Ghost is a good final Perk. Don’t be last-ditch… Battle Rage is greatest until Dead Silence is unlocked.

Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts: What Attachments?
TacticalFlash Grenade
Perk 1Double Time & Scavenger
Perk 2Quick Fix
Perk 3Ghost
Field UpgradeBattle Rage

This FSS Hurricane loadout is the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2 beta. Beware shotgun users.

Aggressive Rusher:

Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadouts: What Attachments?
PrimaryFSS Hurricane
SecondaryAny preferred pistol
Perk 1Scavenger (for ammo replenishment)
Perk 2Sleight of Hand (faster reload)
Perk 3Ninja (for stealth movement)
EquipmentFrag Grenade
TacticalFlashbang Grenade

Stealth Operator:

PrimaryFSS Hurricane
SecondaryAny suppressed pistol
Perk 1Cold-Blooded (to avoid enemy thermal optics)
Perk 2Ghost (remain hidden from UAVs)
Perk 3Ninja (silent movement)
EquipmentClaymore (for defensive play)
TacticalSmoke Grenade (for cover)

Versatile Assault:

PrimaryFSS Hurricane
SecondaryAny launcher for anti-vehicle or anti-aircraft
Perk 1Scavenger (to replenish ammo)
Perk 2Hardline (to earn killstreaks faster)
Perk 3SitRep (to detect enemy equipment)
EquipmentSemtex Grenade
TacticalStun Grenade

Objective Player:

PrimaryFSS Hurricane
SecondaryAny launcher for objective destruction
Perk 1Marathon (for faster movement)
Perk 2Lightweight (to move quickly)
Perk 3Commando (for extended melee range)
EquipmentThrowing Knife (for quick kills)
TacticalFlashbang Grenade

Support Specialist:

PrimaryFSS Hurricane
SecondaryAny shotgun for close-quarters combat
Perk 1One Man Army (for quick loadout changes)
Perk 2Danger Close (increased explosive damage)
Perk 3SitRep (detect enemy equipment)
EquipmentC4 Explosives
TacticalSmoke Grenade

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