How to Stop Navigation Using Google Assistant 2024

How to Stop Navigation Using Google Assistant: The field of study known as navigation focuses on the processes that are used to move a vehicle or other transport from one area to another. There are four primary categories of navigation systems, which are as follows: There are primarily four different kinds of navigation, and they are terrestrial, aquatic, aerial, and astronomical.

Manual Instructional Guide on: Stop Navigation

To manually exit navigation, the vehicle needs to be stopped in a secure area, and the X button, located in the bottom left corner of the screen, needs to be tapped. Take into consideration that you won’t be using any other mapping app but Google Maps.

Simply closing Google Maps will bring an immediate halt to the navigation process.

Stop Navigation Using Google Assistant

How to Stop Navigation

If you tell the system to “Stop navigation,” “Cancel navigation,” or “Exit navigation,” it will immediately stop giving both spoken and mapped directions.

You will quit the navigation mode and return to the screen where you can enter an address in Google Maps.

How to Stop Navigation Using Google Assistant 2024

How to give Google Maps voice commands

Google Assistant responds to voice instructions such as “Send text message” and “Set a timer for 10 minutes” to carry out the specified activity. The ability to operate this remote without using your hands is useful in a range of settings, such as when you are driving, cooking, or engaging in any one of a wide variety of other activities. If you are utilising Google Maps and would like to disable the feature that allows for voice navigation, you can do so through Google Assistant.

To use Google Assistant, you must first activate it by saying “OK Google” before issuing a command. The colour of the microphone icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the user interface, will change in reaction to a command. This means that the device is awaiting an instruction from you to proceed with its next step.

How to silence Google Assistant but keep navigation on?

Simply saying “Mute voice advise” will turn off the spoken suggestions, but the map’s written directions will continue to be displayed. Use this command to turn off the capability that allows for voice navigation while maintaining the ability to receive mapped directions on the screen.

To bring back the speech prompts, you need to verbally provide the command “unmute voice guidance.”


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