Exit Navigation: How to Exit Navigation Step-Wise Process

Exit Navigation: How to Exit Navigation Step-Wise Process: The Google Navigation app won’t go away? Do you use mobile data or batteries? Do you wish to stop getting annoying notifications? How do I leave the Navi app?

This is a common query from users. On the app, users can use any navigation key. Maybe occasionally it just disappears. The “X” button on the Google map’s navigation screen does not actually close the programme, contrary to what some users have claimed in the Google forum.

This is due to how the software is made. The Google Map will still be running on your phone even if you tap the button to halt the navigation. Also, some people have said that the “End Navigation” button in the Notification Center doesn’t work.

How to stop using Google Maps’ navigation

Do you enjoy relocating to unusual places? The Google Maps app comes in very handy in this situation. The greatest app for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transfers, and information on millions of locations. Reviews of significant locations are also available to help you choose where to go. It is currently one of the many helpful apps used in daily life. It occurs when a mobile phone or Android Auto is using the Google Map.

How to Exit Navigation Step-Wise Process
How to Exit Navigation Step-Wise Process

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How can I use a Google Map voice command?

Each action in the Google Assistant is initiated with a voice command, such as “Set a 10-minute timer” or “Send a text message.” When you are occupied with other tasks like driving, cooking, or other chores, this hands-free operation is helpful. When using Google Maps, you can use Google Assistant to manage the voice navigation process. Saying “OK, Google” will launch the Google Assistant before you can give the command. The microphone icon in the top right corner of the navigation screen turns coloured and illuminates when the command is recognised. The equipment is “listening” for commands, in other words.

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How can I switch off the Google Assistant while keeping navigation on?

Say “Mute the audio guidance” to turn off the vocal instructions and keep the map showing. While the on-screen map navigation is still visible, this command mutes the navigation feature’s audio portion.

Say “unmute the voice guidance” to activate it again.

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How can I stop using the Google Maps app?

As I have mentioned, there is no escape button in the Google Maps app. Therefore, you must adjust a few settings so that the map won’t annoy you.

  • Step 1: Find the app options by going to the phone’s settings. The mobile phone determines the location. As far as I’m aware, it’s in my phone’s general section. Just find it and open the app.
  • Step 2: Find the map by scrolling down in the app. Click again to unlock the map.
  • Step 3: You can now access Google Maps information. You can choose to turn off the Google navigation app above all of them. Therefore, click to turn off the map app.


You must choose “Yes” in a pop-up after hitting the disable button if you want to fully terminate the navigation app. Keep in mind that you can activate it at a later time by tapping the button.

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The operating application is terminated with the close function. The user goes back to the apps list. Users can pick and run additional applications. Exit halts the evaluation of several expressions. After exit, no further function calls linked with the semicolon operator are carried out.

To sign the current user out of Power Apps, use the optional Signout debate. If your device is shared, signing out might help keep you safe.

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