How to Unforget A Bluetooth device? in 2023

How to Unforget a Bluetooth Device: If your device is Bluetooth-enabled, you can enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity. Disconnecting and forgetting a device is a perfectly acceptable option when you don’t want to be tied to a specific device. As a result of Bluetooth connections malfunctioning, it is possible to forget to reconnect the devices.

How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device

The simplest method for resetting a Bluetooth device is to first reset your network settings and then try to connect the device again. Even if your Android or iOS device doesn’t make it any easier, you can still recover a lost or forgotten device.

Here are several quick ways to remember your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How to Unforget A Bluetooth device
How to Unforget A Bluetooth device

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Unforget a Bluetooth Device on iPhone

Network settings reset is the simplest method for making your iPhone remember a device. Because your phone doesn’t have an obvious button that allows you to retrieve the forgotten device, you must reset your phone to do so. The procedure is simple and allows you to create a backup of your data as well as roll back any changes you’ve made to your settings recently.

You must go to Settings >> General on your iPhone in order to unforget a device. You can choose “Reset” from a list of alternatives located here. Under the reset tab, you can do things like reset all settings, reset contact settings, and reset network settings.

To start over, select Reset Network Settings from the drop-down menu. You’ll be asked to confirm whether you really want to wipe your network clean. Once you’ve given your approval, the reset will begin.

This process may take some time, but it will restore the Bluetooth and WiFi settings to their factory defaults. In this way, you can reconnect your Bluetooth device.

You’ll see the Apple logo on your screen for a few seconds before the screen goes completely black. Immediately following a brief appearance of the Apple logo, you’ll see your normal screen. When the phone displays your home menu, you can be confident that the reset process is complete.

While restarting, the system will pick up all of the data you misplaced, including the device you left behind. It’s now possible to see if the missing item has been returned.

Open Settings >> Bluetooth on your iPhone by pressing the Home button. You can view a list of prior connections made by devices, including the one you misplaced.

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The Best Way To Reset A Bluetooth Device

You can search for available devices and reconnect the device if it does not show up on the list of previously connected devices. Your phone won’t remember to forget the device, so after scanning it will easily locate it.

Android’s Unforget a Device feature

Unlike iPhones, Android devices lack an “Unforget” button. If you forget a Bluetooth device, the phone won’t show it in the list of Bluetooth devices.

To get the device back, you’ll need to re-enter the network settings. Simply open your phone’s settings and scroll down until you see System. You should use the “Reset Options” found in the System menu to perform a factory reset.

Click Options Reset. DRM Reset, Reset App Preferences, Reset All System Settings, Factory Data Reset, and Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth are just a few of the options available here. Select “Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth” and then click “Confirm” in the following window.

After you confirm, your device will ask for your password to begin the reset process. You’ll be notified when the settings are restored to their original state. During the process, you will never be kept waiting for more than a few seconds.

A factory reset will remove the list of devices you accidentally deleted from your Android. As a result, you have a new method of connecting to these devices. After the reset is complete, look through the list of available devices to find and connect to the ones you want to use.

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You must discover another solution if your gadget still won’t connect. Try the following choices:

Turn on and off Bluetooth and your devices.

If your device still won’t connect after you’ve reset the network settings, turn it off and on again. Use this simple troubleshooting method to fix minor software issues on any gadget.

The process depends on the type of gadget you have. Hold down the power button while swiping the button that appears on the screen to turn off the iPhone. Immediately after the iPhone shuts down, wait a few seconds before pressing and holding the power button once more to restart it.

You can try to connect to your device once your iPhone has started.

How to Unforget A Bluetooth device: The Best Way

Simply swipe up while holding down the power button to restart an Android phone or tablet. After allowing the phone to turn off and on again, you’ll need to enter your password to get it to work again. Reconnect the Bluetooth devices to see if that fixes the issue.

You might try turning your Bluetooth connection on and off to see if the issue still exists. Toggle the On/Off button under Settings >> Bluetooth. When Bluetooth is turned off, the toggle switch is grey; when it is turned on, it is blue.

Try connecting your device once more after turning it on and off to check whether the issue has been resolved.

Restart the device’s pairing mode after turning it off.

It is possible that a simple software issue is the root cause of the problem. You can prevent this from happening by turning on device pairing, turning it off, and then turning it back on. After completing this step of troubleshooting, you should be able to get your device connected without any issues.

The majority of Bluetooth devices contain a button or switch that you can use to connect them to other devices. Find the switch or button on your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or earbuds and turn pairing on and off.

Wait for roughly 30 seconds after turning off pairing before turning it back on.

Can an iPhone DFU Restore fix the issue?

If you’re still unable to connect to your Bluetooth after trying all of the steps listed above, you should perform a full system restore. If you have an iPhone, consider performing a Device Firmware Update (DFU) restoration. Before attempting this more involved data restoration, you must first create a backup copy of your files.

After putting your iPhone in DFU mode and reconnecting any lost Bluetooth devices, you can perform a factory reset. Begin by making a full backup of your data on iTunes, iCloud, or any other platform.

Connect your phone to your computer to get started. If you are using a PC or MacOS Mojave 10.14, launch iTunes. You must launch Finder if you are using MacOS Catalina 10.15 or a later version. You can have your phone on or off.

In the event that you have an iPhone 6s or earlier, press the Sleep/Wake button, followed by the Home button, in quick succession. Make sure you’ve got an iPhone 7 to do this: Hold down the volume down and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously. iTunes or the Finder on your PC should show your phone as an available device.

If you don’t remove the buttons, the screen will remain visible. If the screen doesn’t turn black, you must repeat the procedure. Use iTunes or Finder to get your phone back after that.

If you have an iPhone 8 or later, you can still put it in DFU mode. Push and release your phone’s volume up button quickly, then quickly release the volume down button. Hold down the side button on your smartphone after that until the screen is black and unresponsive to your touch.

When you’re doing this, you can leave your phone on or off. To bring back the screen after it has gone black, hold down the side button while also pressing and holding the volume down button. If you can’t see your phone in iTunes or Finder after five seconds of holding the side button, release it.

Once you see your phone in iTunes or Finder, it’s already in DFU mode. If you press and hold the volume down button for an extended period of time, the Apple logo may appear on the screen, in which case you’ll have to start the process over again.

Your phone can be restarted in DFU mode if all of its hardware or software is wiped clean. Damage to your phone can be worsened by using DFU mode.

Factory data resets are an option if all else fails.

If your Android device still won’t connect to a device after resetting the network settings, you can try a factory reset. However, if all else fails, this should be the last resort. In the event of a factory reset, you should make a copy of your data.

Open Settings >> System >> Backup and Restore to reset your phone. Start the factory data reset after making a backup of all your data on an SD Card. Open Settings, System, Reset Options, then Factory Data Reset to reset.

At this point, you’ll need to enter your password to confirm that you want to perform a factory reset. After that, the process will begin. It is possible that the process will take a few minutes to complete.

Resetting the phone in this way restores it to factory settings. The time and date must be reset after the phone is turned back on. Connect your Bluetooth device and log in to your phone. Fill out all of the required information.

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