download mi flash tool Xiaomi Flashing Tool (Beta Version)

Xiaomi Flash Tool 2021 – Official Mi Flash Tool. If you’re searching for a tool to flash some Xiaomi stock firmware on your smartphone then you’re right. We’ll be advising you on how to use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool for Windows, as in this article. In fact, this tool has been made available by Xiaomi itself, ensuring that there won’t be any concerns on whether or not this tool can function because it is officially available.

You can flash Fastboot files on any of your Xiaomi smartphones using this device. Xiaomi is one of the brands that let users access the stock firmware from their official sources directly.

Download Xiaomi Flashing Tool Miflash (Beta Version) Latest Version

There are two types of firmware files, as mentioned above. Using the Fastboot ROM flashes the partitions of your system with the new ones which means that your computer will be just like new and in the state of factory settings. Nevertheless, to do that, you need a dedicated device and what better way than the manufacturer itself offers a device.

What is the Xiaomi MI Flash Tool?

Mi Flash tool is intended for all Qualcomm driven Xiaomi and Redmi phones you can use to flash MIUI Fastboot ROMs on. Works to delete and write firmware over the Fastboot link. In reality, this program can be used to restore the stock firmware, manually update the firmware or rollback of your system to solve boot looping problems.

But before you go ahead and download this Xiaomi Mi Flash Device, you’ll need to go through the list of pre-requirements listed below.

Features of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool (Beta Version)

Installer: Xiaomi Mi Flash device comes with an Installer app which basically means you need to install it on your computer so you can use it. When the flash tool is installed you can see the packages that come with the flash tool including Tools, Mi Tool and ADB Software.

Inbuilt Drivers: Xiaomi Mi Flash Utility has built-in USB drives with Google Drivers, ADB Utility, Qualcomm USB Serial Driver, Microsoft MTP and RNDIS Driver supported. So, to work with the Device you don’t have to download and update each driver separately.

Multiple Flashing Options: Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool comes with 3 flashing options including Flash All, Flash all but for files, and Flash all but data and information. The second method, Flash everything but ram, is currently the default method on Xiaomi Devices to load the fastboot files.

Other Features:

  • Asy Installation: This comes as an installer and a portable client, ensuring you can either go to complete installation or open and run the program directly with the portable device.
  • Inbuilt Drivers: This platform supports built-in drivers such as USB, Google ADB, Microsoft MTP, Nvidia drivers etc. You can install the correct tool manually while using the portable program.
  • Different Flickering options: This device can be used for three-way flickering, Flash Everything, Flash All but Storage or Flash All but Storage and Data.
  • Link Multiple Devices: This Mi Flash Utility can be used for flashing multiple devices.
NameSizeTestedDownload Link
Xiaomi Flash Tool (New)87.2MBTestedClick Here
Mi Flash Tool 20200314.zip82.2MBTestedDroidfilehost
Mi Flash Tool v20191206.zip82.5MBTestedGoogle Drive
Mi Flash Tool v20191111.zip82.3MBTestedMediafire
MI Flash Tool v20191030.zip82.5MBTestedMediafire
Mi Flash Tool v20181115.zip76.95MBTestedMediafire

How to Flash Fastboot ROM MIUI Using Mi Flash Tool:

Basically, Fastboot approach is the fastest way to flash MIUI if a MI computer is bricked, soft-bricked if you choose to flash MIUI directly from the Computer. The MIUI ROM Fastboot comes with the formats .tz or.tgz. Here’s a complete tutorial for flashing MIUI fastboot ROM using Mi Flash Software.

How to Install Mi Flash Tool:

  • Install the Mi Flash Tool and remove it (if zipped) to a suitable place on your Mac.
  • Next, launch the MiFlashSetup.msi file. This will open the window for configuration.
mi Flash Tool 1
  • Here you can define the installation path(directory) if you want, or else click on Next to Proceed
mi Flash Tool Xiaomi Tool
Redmi Flash Tool
Mi Flash Tool Latest Version
  • Once the driver installation is done, click on Close to complete the installation of the MiFlash Tool


  • After completing the installation MiFlash tool will be in your installed programs of your system, double click to run the program

  • For your particular Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone, download the new MIUI Fastboot ROM.
  • The ROM that you download should be in the “.tgz” file format that you need to delete to an available location.
  • Switch the computer off entirely.
  • Now you need to push the Volume Down and Power button together to reach the Fastboot mode.
  • Link your mobile with a USB cable to your PC instead.
  • Open MiFlash Tool and press the Refresh button to ensure your system is successfully identified.
  • Press the Select tab, and move to the folder where the firmware was removed.
  • Use the blinking mode if you wish.
  • Finally , click the flash button on your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone to update Fastboot ROM.

Your system must automatically reboot until deployment is complete. Yeah, in that article you’ve got it from my hand. I hope you enjoyed this post and could use Mi Flash Tool to install Fastboot ROM.

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