Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 launched

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 launched: According to the official statement on Xiaomi’s Weibo account, the Smart Home Screen 6 was made available for purchase today. The Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 comes with quite a few impressive features, and the price for the pre-sale of the device is USD 51. The screen is located at the top, while the speaker is located at the bottom of the device.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 launched

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6’s Price and Specifications

The Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 has following Specification-

  • You can stop waking up Xiao Ai by pressing the quick-access button that is located on the side of the fuselage.
  • The Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 has a screen that is a full 6 inches in size
  • Pressing this button will turn off the microphone.
  • The Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 is capable of controlling a variety of smart home gadgets, including air conditioners, curtains, and light bulbs.

MIUI Home is virtually inseparable from the Xiaomi Home Screen 6 at this point. The MIUI Home operating system allows for the utilization of a children’s mode as well as Xiaoai classmates. The front-facing camera, which has a resolution of 2 mega pixels, can be used for video calls as well as remote monitoring. A physical bezel is included as an additional layer of privacy protection for the user.

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Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 Price

A Bluetooth mesh gateway is included in the package of the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6, which makes it simple for smart devices to immediately begin establishing a network connection. There is a stand attached to the rear of the fuselage that the operator may move around as needed and that is simple to use. You can place a pre-order for the next iteration of Xiaomi’s Smart Central Control for the price of USD 51.

Some Other Details

In addition, the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 and the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 are both compatible with one another and may collaborate to operate various smart home devices. In April of 2022, Xiaomi released their new Smart Home Screen 10. This device comes preloaded with the MIUI Home system, which enables users to link smart scenes and manage their entire home with a single smart remote. If you buy the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 before it goes on sale, it will cost you USD 140; however, if you buy it in a store, the price will be USD 147.


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