Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 launched 2024

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 Launched: According to Xiaomi’s Weibo account, their Smart Home Screen 6 was made available for pre-sale today for USD 51 pre-ordering. Featuring several impressive features and situated with its screen at the top and speaker at its base – making the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 an attractive device indeed!

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 launched

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6’s Price and Specifications

The Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 has following Specification-

  • Stop waking Xiao Ai by pressing the quick-access button located on the side of her fuselage.
  • Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 boasts a screen measuring 6 inches diagonally.
  • Pressing this button will switch off your microphone.
  • Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 can control a wide variety of smart home gadgets such as air conditioners, curtains and light bulb.

MIUI Home has become almost inextricable from Xiaomi Home Screen 6 at this point. The MIUI Home operating system enables parents and teachers to utilize children-specific settings as well as classmates-oriented features, while its 2-MP front-facing camera – with video call and remote monitoring functionality – provides video calls or remote monitoring of locations around you. Furthermore an additional layer of privacy protection for each individual user has also been included within its design.

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Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 Price

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 comes complete with a Bluetooth mesh gateway, making it simple for smart devices to immediately establish network connections. Furthermore, an easily operable stand attached to its fuselage makes life simple; pre-orders for next iteration of Xiaomi’s Smart Central Control can also be placed for USD 51 each.

Some Other Details

Additionally, both Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 and 10 can work in concert to manage various smart home devices. In April 2022, Xiaomi released their Smart Home Screen 10, equipped with MIUI Home system that enables users to link scenes together using one remote control; purchasing this smart device before sale costs USD 140 while in stores it will set you back USD 147.


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