TikTok Kia Challenge: How do I report it?

TikTok Kia Challenge: TikTok is a popular app for sharing videos, and recently there have been reports of vandalism and theft of Kia vehicles as a result of challenges that have been put on the platform.

What exactly is the Kia challenge that’s going around on TikTok?

As of July 2022, many people from different parts of the United States were using TikTok to watch footage of car thefts that were posted on the platform.

A competition has formed as a response to a video that has gone viral and brought attention to a flaw in the design of Kia automobiles. In this competition, participants are encouraged to utilize a USB cord to kick start their vehicles.

Alissa Smart, a woman from Indiana who was targeted by the challenge, stated that she was “extremely shocked” by the recent trend on Fox 8 after she fell victim to it.

TikTok Kia Challenge

I just don’t get how some people can watch other people engage in illegal behavior online and then feel like they have the right to replicate it or even imitate it.

According to Distractify, the fad may be traced back to a video that was released by @robbierayyy that demonstrates how to start an automobile using a cable and very little else.

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How do I report Challenge?

As is the case with potentially hazardous challenges, users are being encouraged to submit videos in the hope that the company will remove them from the TikTok platform.

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