TikTok Kia Challenge: How do I report it?

TikTok Kia Challenge: Recently, reports have surfaced of vandalism and theft of Kia vehicles due to challenges put on the platform by TikTok.

TikTok Kia Challenge

As of July 2022, many Americans from various locations were using TikTok to watch footage posted online about car thefts.

The viral video highlighting an issue with Kia automobile design has prompted the emergence of a competition. Participants are being encouraged to use a USB cord as a motivator when starting their vehicles. Alissa Smart, a woman from Indiana who was featured on Fox 8 as part of this challenge, expressed shock and disbelief at being included in this recent trend.

It is incomprehensible to me how some people can watch others engage in illegal behavior online and then feel entitled to replicate or copy it. Distractify has reported that this trend originated from a video released by @robbierayyy, demonstrating how to start a car using only a cable and no other tools.

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How do I report Challenge?

As with other potentially hazardous situations, users are being encouraged to submit videos in hopes that TikTok will remove them.

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