GTA 6 May Be Ready For Launch By Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games Could Launch Grand Theft Auto 6 Soon Enough: Gran Theft Auto 6 was expected to have capsized long ago if it were a ship, but its development has been far more advanced than expected. A recent report indicates Grand Theft Auto 6 may be closer than anticipated in its development than previously believed.

Rockstar Games revealed Grand Theft Auto last year, but its release date wasn’t expected until several years later. This prediction seemed to match up with leaked images which appeared to be from an early alpha version of GTA 6.

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Rockstar Games to Release GTA 6?

One of Rockstar Games employees, Tez2 (via GTA 6 News & Leaks 2.0), believes they have discovered various files which indicate a nearly completed build of GTA 6. Tez2 also believes Rockstar is close to finishing Grand Theft Auto 6 at this time.

If so, video game “polishing” can take weeks or months. Given how quickly video game development is moving forward these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if Rockstar spent most of the next two years making GTA 6 the best it can be.

Modern example: Final Fantasy 16. Naoki Yoshida the game producer announced in May 2015 that Final Fantasy 16 was near completion. On June 22, six months after their announcement, Final Fantasy 16 finally released on June 22. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto 6 may come out next year since it is bigger and more expansive; hence Rockstar may need extra time to perfect it.

According to popular rumors, Grand Theft Auto 6 could begin its two-year polishing phase as early as now and be released by 2025.

Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto V in November 2011; two years later, the game was released. It’s possible that another GTA title may be unveiled simultaneously at this year’s The Game Awards.

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