GTA update time: When does GTA Criminal Enterprises update?

Grand Theft Auto Online will get its next big update in just a few more hours. The GTA update time will be announced. With the Criminal Enterprises expansion, there are a lot more things to do in the game’s sandbox mode. In addition to the collectible metal detector, there are now 18 new cars and new events, like delivering ammunition and bouncing in a nightclub. All of this is in addition to the massive amount of new GTA missions and story content that has been added.

Today, Rockstar Games will make the Great Depression update for Grand Theft Auto 5 free to download. The developers haven’t said yet if there will be a planned server maintenance or not. Most people think that the upgrade will come out in the fall of this year.

GTA update time

GTA update time

About the Twitter account for videotech. It has been said that the GTA 5 Online update will come out in Germany at 12 p.m. The community has made a single map of the whole world that shows where The Criminal Enterprises are in each part of the world. Rockstar Games has talked about the update’s changes and additions in recent days.

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New Contact Mission

There will be new contact missions in which you operate as sworn agents for the IAA, as well as additional business prospects for the four criminal pathways, as part of the update. Fans have been won over by The Criminal Enterprises and the overall gaming experience. As an added bonus, one can begin selling assignments with one-on-one meetings.

It is expected that getting food and protection will be much easier after the summer patches are installed. Also, the pay for bodyguards, employees, and MC members is always going up, as are the payouts for races, opponents, and both the original heist and the doomsday heist.


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