GTA 6: Stunning Graphics for the Game in Unreal Engine 5

GTA 6 will look stunning, everyone agrees. GTA V still holds up nicely after nine years. The developer released Expanded & Enhanced to indicate the franchise’s future.

By GTA 6 (whatever that is), Claude won’t be as potatoey. Someone has revealed what GTA6 may look like in Unreal Engine 5.

How does GTA 6 Appear in Unreal Engine 5?


TeaserPlay shows what games may look like using Unreal Engine 5 on YouTube. We’ve seen UE5 remakes of God of War, Red Dead Revolver, and San Andreas.

This concept clip shows Vice City, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Liberty City, confirming rumours that GTA 6 would allow you explore different cities. Some have scoffed this down despite rumours of Rockstar needing to decrease production, although more places might be added later. The year 1986 suggests a Vice City sequel. This is a notion, however.

Some fans said Rockstar should employ TeaserPlay for GTA6 in the comments. One applauded “This is awesome. I wish this was genuine, I’d play it,” said one, while another said, “Only game developers can provide this quality; everyone else is misusing UE5.”” A third said, “Wow, this looks awesome. You should make a GTA-style game or get rockstar to employ you. They NEED this.”

Will Unreal Engine 5 be used to create GTA 6?

Sadly, this is a pipe dream. Unreal Engine 5 is owned by Epic Games, hence Rockstar would rather build its own. GTA 6 might feature a new version of the developer’s RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) technology. The team has acknowledged production is “well underway,” thus despite rumours it’s in a chaotic condition, we think GTA 6 is moving along smoothly.

Rockstar insider Chris Klippel tweeted earlier this year, “The next version of the Rockstar Games graphics engine (RAGE9) that will be utilised for GTA 6 is going to be very stunning.” He went on to compliment “an engine ahead of its time,” which should get us enthusiastic about the future. You simply need to recall the GTA Trilogy to realise how GTA can occasionally become too large for its boots. Here’s hope GTA 6 can live up to its new-gen promise, since it’ll be around for a long.

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