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GTA 6: Stunning Graphics for the Game in Unreal Engine 5


GTA 6 will look breathtaking; everyone agrees. After nine years, Grand Theft Auto V still looks phenomenal; to showcase this, Rockstar released Expanded & Enhanced to demonstrate their franchise’s future plans.

By GTA 6 (whatever that may be), Claude will no longer appear so potatoey. Someone has revealed what Unreal Engine 5 may produce of GTA6.

How does GTA 6 Appear in Unreal Engine 5?


TeaserPlay showcases what games might look like using Unreal Engine 5 on YouTube, such as remakes of God of War, Red Dead Revolver and San Andreas using this engine.


This concept clip featuring Vice City, San Fierro, Las Venturas and Liberty City confirms rumor of GTA 6 being set across several cities. However, some critics have downplayed these claims due to Rockstar needing to reduce production but additional locations might still be added later – while 1986 indicates another sequel could follow! However this concept clip should just be treated as speculation at best!

Some fans suggested Rockstar should hire TeaserPlay to work on GTA6 in comments, with one fan applauding “This is awesome. If it were genuine I’d play it,” while another noted “only game developers can provide this quality; everyone else misusing UE5.” A third said simply, “Wow this looks awesome; make a GTA-style game or hire rockstar to employ you – they NEED this!”

Will Unreal Engine 5 be used to create GTA 6?

Unreal Engine 5 belongs to Epic Games and Rockstar would rather build its own engine for GTA 6. A version of their RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) technology might make an appearance; production has begun smoothly despite reports circulating of disorganization within Rockstar Studios’ team, suggesting GTA 6 development continues unhampered.


Chris Klippel of Rockstar insider Chris Klippel tweeted earlier this year, that Rockstar Games graphics engine RAGE9 which will power GTA 6 “will be spectacular”. He went on to call RAGE9 “an engine ahead of its time”, giving us great hope about future releases – particularly GTA Trilogy where certain elements became too large to handle without becoming overwhelming at times – we hope GTA 6 lives up to its new-gen promise and promises since its time will likely come sooner rather than later!

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