Team Fortress 2 assets leaked 60 gigabytes

Team Fortress 2 assets leaked 60 gigabytes: As far as the player base is concerned, 2017’s Jungle Inferno update was the final significant change to the game outside of the annual Halloween updates. In 2023, the biggest content dump was a 60-gigabyte leak from Valve’s source developer repository, which caught the attention of Team Fortress 2 fans by surprise.

This huge data dump reveals content that has never been seen before, like models, maps, and even older versions of weapons that are already available. As I write this, Team Fortress 2 fans are looking through the game’s data and have found some interesting things, like a 3D model of the Casters Quarterly witch.

Team Fortress 2 assets leaked 60 gigabytes

Team Fortress 2 assets leaked 60 gigabytes

Since the contents of the leak haven’t been widely shared yet, a Twitter user named Richter Overtime is currently the people’s eyes on this matter. To put this in perspective, the last major leak to affect Valve occurred in 2003, when a German hacker breached the company’s servers and leaked Half Life 2. In 2020, the source codes for Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were released, so it’s not like Valve hasn’t had to deal with leaks since 2003. called Zombie City, and it can be accessed through GameBanana right now by anyone who’s interested:

Hours before the Left 4 Dead prototype was dropped, user Wolfcl0ck teased its release on Twitter. Wolfcl0ck is presently hosting the prototype on GameBanana.When asked about “The Big One,” Wolfcl0ck responded with a photo of Coach from Left 4 Dead, despite the fact that the topic at hand was about leaks related to Duke Nukem Forever, as discussed in our post about x0r jmp.

The leak was obviously caused by a faulty Valve, as this suggests. The user claims they had no part in the leak despite being aware of its existence, but Valve’s legal department will have to establish who is at fault in this case.

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